Job Vacancy: Production Team Leader

Job Vacancy: Production Team Leader

Role: Team Leader/Supervisor
Location: Buckingham, Bucks
Basis: Full-time
Salary: Competitive
Contact: [email protected]

UK guitar effects pedal company Origin Effects is seeking a team leader/supervisor to share in production and warehouse tasks whilst offering guidance and support to colleagues to ensure that the team achieves business targets.

The successful candidate will be accountable for the timely completion of all works orders in compliance with internal processes and QC standards. They will oversee stock/inventory related tasks to ensure that parts are efficiently received, booked in, stored and that finished goods are shipped out correctly. The company’s electronic stock systems will be updated to ensure that online records accurately reflect physical stock levels. Spreadsheets and basic reports will be generated to keep management abreast of developments on the shop floor.

Though a minor aspect of the role, the team leader’s administrative responsibility will include training, keeping tabs on attendance and conducting simple performance reviews.

This role will suit someone with an eye for detail, combined with the ability to maintain an overview of wider operations. Strong communication, as well as IT skills, are a must.

With an ambitious business plan and a strong team in place, this is an exciting time to join Origin Effects. As such, the prospects for career development are significant.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

• Perform a range of production/assembly tasks, promoting high standards through personal example. Roll out through team so each member of the team understands standards and behaviour expected of them.
• Perform goods-in and goods-out role.
• Be accountable for all aspects of the warehouse space, including all inventory, QC and storage concerns.
• Provide leadership resources to the growing production team providing knowledge, experience, motivation as well as advice.
• Ensure that staff follow documented procedures and comply with company guidelines.
• Ensure that IT systems are maintained to accurately reflect production and inventory position.
• Ensure that IT systems are constantly updated to flag any production issues to management staff.
• Ensure that the shop floor is a fit and safe place to work.
• Expand warehouse storage and production facilities in-line with company expansion.

Essential Skills & Experience

• 2+ years in a production-assembly and/or an inventory role.
• Working knowledge of stock control and inventory processes.
• Basic-to-Intermediate Microsoft Office skills, with a focus on Excel.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent organisational skills.
• Experience managing a small team or working in a senior position involving strong elements of self-management.
• A well-rounded thinker, able to exercise considerable initiative/judgement.
• GCSE level A-C, BTEC first certificate or equivalent NVQ level 2 qualification.

Desirable Skills & Experience

• Intermediate guitar skills.
• Familiarity with guitar equipment, specifically effects pedals.
• Basic electronics skills.
• Knowledge of lean manufacturing techniques.
• Knowledge of health & safety legislation.
• Understanding of production costs to include waste, downtime, scrap and re-work.

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