RevivalDRIVE Remote Switcher Cable

Take control of the MID Engage & Blend Override Functions

In this article we’ll show you how you can build a custom cable to allow you to remotely toggle the MID ENGAGE and BLEND OVERRIDE functions on the RevivalDRIVE, using an external switching system such as the GigRig G2 or Boss ES8.
Remote Switcher Cable

To construct the custom cable, take a standard TRS cable and solder 4k7 Ohm resistors, in series, to the TIP and RING connections, as shown in the diagram. This will limit the switching to just the MID ENGAGE and BLEND OVERRIDE parameters.

Connect the custom cable from a control switch jack on your switching system to the F/SWITCH connection on the RevivalDRIVE.

RevivalDRIVE Custom Switcher Cable
Alternatively, you can control of all four of the remote parameters (MID Engage, Blend Override, Bypass State and Active Channel), without the need for custom cables, using the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface. 

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