About Us

About Us

Introducing Origin Effects

Origin Effects is the brainchild of British audio-designer Simon Keats. The brand & products have come about through a genuine desire to produce highly-musical, superior-quality audio-tools, that just cannot be matched by profit-maximising, “off-the-shelf” FX pedals.

Each pedal is individually handbuilt and hand finished in Origin Effects headquarters, Oxfordshire UK, and is expertly calibrated, assembled and tested to the highest of quality and specification by our highly skilled team.

About the Designer

Simon Keats of Origin Effects

Simon, himself a guitarist, personally identifies with the needs of modern players, and understands the types of tone that casual players lust for and professionals insist upon. A highly experienced audio engineer and reputed design veteran, having worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Simon has poured every ounce of his experience and expertise into these designs to ensure the highest quality of tone and product is achieved.

“Whether it’s a 1960’s-style studio compressor, or a JFET “Plexi” Replica, you can rest assured that every aspect of each design has been crafted to replicate that elusive legacy tone, whilst also preserving the soul of your instrument…”

Meet the Team



General Manager

Surrounded by piles of paper, emails and post it notes, Ian makes sure everything happens when it should do.



Production Manager

The glue that holds production together, Fabs makes sure pedals get built and we don’t run out of screws!



Senior Production Engineer

Engineering guru, Mark, is the Obi Wan of Origin Effects and helps develop Simon’s designs into finished products.



Tech Support & Social Media

 Pedal addict, tech wizard, selfie-taker and Instagramer, Jack is also the bringer of tea!



Production Engineer

Soldering, screwing, boxing and buffing; super-dad Ed’s handwriting is on each pedal’s box!




Local guitar-hero, Matt, uses guitar testing as an excuse to practice his blues licks on each pedal!

The Process

Each Origin Effects pedal we manufacture goes through the same high quality production process and vigorous testing checklist before being hand packaged and shipped to its new owner. Here is a little insight into how we bring these pedals to life.

Pots, Switches and Wires:

Once the board is prepared the internal elements of the pedal are then put together with each pot, switch and wire being hand placed and soldered with the highest accuracy.

PCB Preparation:

Following assembly each circuit board is individually inspected and cleaned by hand, ensuring quality from the very beginning of each pedal’s creation.

Origin Effects Compact Series; SlideRIG Compact; Cali76 Compact Deluxe; Cali76 Compact; Cali76 Compact Bass; SlideRIG Compact Deluxe
Calibrating and testing an Origin Effects analog circuit board.


With the board and control components fitted in the enclosure, each PCB is then individually and expertly calibrated using our state-of-the-art Prism dScope analyzer to ensure exact performance and response.

Test signals are sent into the circuit and response curves are displayed. Micro adjustments can then be made to ensure each Origin Effects effects pedal matches our exacting standards.


Once calibration and testing is complete the pedal moves to its assembly stage. Here, the PCB finally gets to paired with its brushed-steel enclosure, and the screen-printed panel, nuts, knobs and decals are hand fitted ensuring the pedal looks just as incredible as it sounds.

Simon chose brushed stainless steel for the pedal’s enclosure rather than aluminium which is used by a lot of other manufacturers. The extra expense brings with it the benefit of extending the life of the case – we hope that an Origin Effects pedal will look just as good for decades to come.

Assembling an Origin Effects PCB analog boutique 1176 compressor effect. Pedal guts
Origin Effects pedals quality tested. Gibson SG

Guitar Test:

Each pedal is then fully guitar tested, checking each switch and control reacts correctly to a full range of dynamics and instruments. All pots and connections are thoroughly checked to ensure noiseless operation and true transparency of tone. This is also a chance to let our inner David Gilmour out!!

Final Inspection & Packaging:

After each pedal is assembled and sounding incredible we then hand inspect and package the unit to make sure its presentation is equally as impressive as its tone.

Each pedal is hand polished, inspected and then placed lovingly in its box, complete with it’s comprehensive manual. We even hand write the serial number on the box!

Origin Effects Cali76 analog boutique compressor sustainer

Our relentless commitment to the quality of our products is what sets us apart from our competitors and is the backbone of our company.