Origin Effects Cali76-TX-P Germanium Parallel Boutique Analogue 1176 Style Studio Quality Compressor Limiter Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal Made In England Built In Britain

& TX-L-P


1960’s-Style ‘FET’ Compressor
with Transformer Output Stage,
Dry Blend, & footswitchable boost

The Cali76 offers studio compression in a pedal or desktop format… Compared to existing guitar compressors the Cali76 represents a high-fidelity, low noise solution with no signal degradation

The Story

Earlier in 2015, we were asked by respected UK record producer, to build a custom version of the Cali76-TX. The unit would have the ability to perform “parallel compression”, a popular technique with veteran recording engineers. This approach yields “best-of-both-worlds” results! Fattened-tone, full dynamics, combined with great sustain.

By blending “dry” and “compressed” signals, in perfect phase alignment, it’s possible to benefit from the shimmering sustain and touch sensitivity that the Cali76 delivers, while also retaining natural pick attack and overall dynamic integrity.

“Parallel” & “Clean Boost”

The Cali76-TX-P has arrived and has already found a home in rigs of many pro-players and tone aficionados. To satisfy demand, we will be releasing a limited run of 160 custom Cali76-TX-P units with the aforementioned parallel function. To further spice things up, we’ve added a switchable clean boost stage. This can be used as a traditional solo-booster, or else can be set up to coax some extra grit from the unit’s iron-core output transformer (Lundahl upgrade also available for absolute transparency).

Origin Effects Cali76-TX-P Germanium Parallel Boutique Analogue 1176 Style Studio Quality Compressor Limiter Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal Made In England Built In Britain

User Guide

Parallel Compression: Adjust the “DRY” control against the “OUTPUT” control of the compressor. When setup correctly, digging into to notes will result in natural dynamics. Low-level notes should be boosted by the compressor. Overall tone will be thicker.

Switchable Boost: Simply dial-in your require level of boost using the additional “BOOST” control (range: 2dB – 8dB). Now when you engage the “BOOST” switch your guitar level will soar majestically above the rest of the band!

Cali76-TX-P Cali 76 Origin Effects Analogue Boutique Compressor Sustainer rear connections

Transformer Options

We offer two types of transformer. Our custom iron-core transformer or a top-of-the-line Lundahl (at an additional cost). Our preference is for the custom iron-core transformer which saturates nicely in “High-Gain” mode. The Lundahl is linear through and through, contributing no core saturation – a benefit to those looking for a more transparent low-end when used as an insert in the studio or on bass guitar.


The Cali76-TX features dedicated “Amplifier” and “Line/DI” outputs. The “Line/DI” is fully balanced and electronically isolated. The outputs are capable of driving the longest of cable runs and will integrate with any professional studio set-up, vintage or modern!

By swapping internal jumpers, the pedal can be operated in either “True-Bypass” or “Buffered Bypass” modes when powered at 9V. When actively engaged, through the use of an 18V supply (PSU not included), the transformer board effectively buffers the signal at all times, even when the unit is bypassed.

High-Current Saturated-Iron Tones… with Professional Connectivity!

The topology of the design was kept true to the original, whilst the actual circuitry was carefully condensed. In this way, it has been possible to retain the much-loved dynamic response of the original, whilst at the same time permitting a smaller, more stage friendly format!

We’ve slightly tweaked the attack and release times to be of immediate use to guitarists and bass players, as well as in pro-audio applications. Plug it into your recording rig to process vocals, piano, acoustic guitars and drums, with a vintage, analogue warmth!

Attack times are: 0.020mS to 1.7mS (for 100% of recovery). Double the range when compared to the 1176 (stock 1176: 0.02mS – 0.8mS). This further defines percussive transients.

Release times are: 32mS to 267mS (for 63% of recovery). We’ve tailored the release times to best suite guitar/bass (this makes it easier to dial-in a useful setting), but can also offer people a wider range of times (stock 1176: 50mS – 1100mS).