After finding success with Humble Pie, Peter Frampton became a household name due to his landmark 1976 album, Frampton Comes Alive!

The effect that Frampton is most associated is, of course, the talkbox but read any interview or watch some rig rundowns and you will realise that he is as much a pedal-geek as the rest of us. Just check out the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown below to see the mind-blowing rig that Peter is running.

Peter has been a Cali76 and SlideRIG fan since the early days of Origin Effects and got in contact with us just after the RevivalDRIVE was launched after a tip-off from Steve Miller Band guitarist, Jacob Petersen. Peter was in need of a drive pedal which would work with both his Fender and Marshall amps so we sent him out a unit to try and he fell in love! A few days later, Peter had posted this photo of the RevivalDRIVE on his Instagram profile, along with the words: “Game changing box for me!”.

Game changing box for me.

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