Remote Switcher Cable for RevivalDRIVE


Control the RevivalDRIVE’s mid-boost and dry blend from a remote switcher

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Each cable is built to order within 5 working days

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Want to control the RevivalDRIVE’s footswitch functions with an external device? Use the Remote Switcher Cable to engage the mid boost and override the dry blend from any latching switch such as TheGigRig G2, Boss ES-8, ES-5 and FS-6.

We build these cables to order in lengths of 30cm, 60cm, or 90cm – just select your required length when adding to basket.


With the pedal’s MID ASSIGN switch set to F/SWITCH, this allows you to apply the adjustable mid boost to whichever channel is currently selected.
Please note: the MID BOOST is applied to both the DRY and O.D. signals mixed by the BLEND control. The MID BOOST function is not active when the pedal is in BYPASS mode.

RevivalDRIVE Control Closeup
RevivalDRIVE remote switcher cable TRS cable drawing angled
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This footswitch “overrides” or removes each channel’s BLEND control from the signal path. With the BLEND knob set for a mix of DRY and O.D. signals, engaging the DRY OVERRIDE effectively removes the DRY component and reverts to a 100% O.D. signal.

This offers additional flexibility akin to having another channel on your amp. For example, with the channel controls set for medium gain and the BLEND knob at 12 o’clock, engaging the DRY OVERRIDE footswitch lets you go from an organic clean tone with a little grit to a fully overdriven sound for solos.

By carefully adjusting the DRY GAIN trimmer, you can control the change in volume – up, down or unity gain – that occurs when engaging DRY OVERRIDE. For example, you could set up your core drive tone with DRY OVERRIDE engaged, then transition to a cleaner sound of equal or greater volume by disengaging DRY OVERRIDE and turning the DRY GAIN control up.

The Remote Switcher Cable is designed with series resistance inside the tip and ring connectors. This limits switching to just the mid engage and blend override parameters, avoiding accidental toggling of channels and bypass state.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote switching of the bypass state and active channel can only be achieved with the Switcher Interface. The interface converts latching control formats to a short momentary pulse.

Connections - RevivalDRIVE, custom cable, and remote switcher 80dpi
Connections - RevivalDRIVE, custom cable, and remote switcher 80dpi

Technical Specification

• Designed to pair with the RevivalDRIVE
• Remotely engage mid boost
• Toggle between blended and fully overdriven sounds
• Powered by the RevivalDRIVE – No external PSU required
• High-quality TRS cable included
• Designed and built in England

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