Cali76 vs. SlideRIG

What's the difference?


The Cali76 range from Origin Effects is equally suited for rock, country, jazz, and funk playing as well as bass and acoustic instruments. You can dial in a decent amount of limiting or subtle dynamic control with the Cali76 pedals due to their flexible ratio, attack, and release controls.

Accurately reproducing the tone and response of the legendary 1176 studio compressor, the Cali76 delivers a musical response, tonal transparency and extremely low noise which appeals so well to players who have previously been turned-off by compressor pedals.


The SlideRIG can provide a lot more sustain but as its side-chain controls are fixed it cannot perform limiting like the Cali76 can. It may come down to whether, for your needs, you would find the added sustain more of an advantage than the flexible side-chain controls.

"The SlideRIG delivers the slide tone made famous by Lowell George and others! Inspired by his use of two cascaded Urei 1176 studio compressors... it’s a labour of love... an undeniable niche product... not for everyone... a bit crazy, perhaps... However, what I will say is, if you “get” the concept, you will LOVE the pedal!" - Simon Keats, Designer.