What a pedal! Quite an investment, but easily worth every penny, no doubt about that.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe. Peter Vande Casteele – 01/06/2018

What a pedal! Quite an investment, but easily worth every penny, no doubt about that. Life’s been good to me as I get to play an excellent guitar, a few wonderful pedals and two outstanding amps every day. I was already a happy man, and at gigs I’ve been proud of my tone for years now. Read More

This thing is not a pedal… no no… it’s a mini amp!!

RevivalDRIVE Ron Gabay 09.11.18

It’s one of the most amazing products I ever saw and touched and definitely kicks every pedal I had/have. Including Pete Cornish. Bravo 👏!!!

 A really great pedal, so happy to have purchased one at last!

Cali76 Compact Ian Hodges 06.08.18

The perfect compressor for a performing or recording guitarist. Simple layout, every control is easy to understand. Great sounds straight out of the box, every setting is musical and useful. No need for manuals or diving through menus – plug and play. Tone is warm and full, compression is subtle or extreme as needed. Perfect for clean solos, funk, or chicken picking. Very well built. A really great pedal, so happy to have purchased one at last!

Definitely recommend it.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe Rodko Horzhynskyi 05.06.17

This group of people make the best pedal compressors in the world. Definitely, recommend it.

I’m blown away, it’s honestly the best sounding drive I’ve ever played through

RevivalDRIVE Matt Biffa 23.05.18

I had to drop you a note to say I got my Revival Drive last week, and it is just mind-blowingly amazing. Read More

I’ve been wanting to write you about my RevivalDrive Custom that I got a week ago today, but I’ve just been too busy playing with it, really.

RevivalDRIVE Kirk Austin 22.05.18

Just to provide some context, I have an original 1955 Tweed Fender Deluxe 5D3 that I’ve always loved but had trouble controlling how loud it is once you get the tone right. So, I set out to get something similar but controllable out of the RevivalDrive. Read More

I’ve never had a pedal that sounds so amp like.


It takes fuzzes incredibly well. It’s another that will never leave my board. The RevivalDRIVE is perfect.

It goes beyond expectation, I just assumed you couldn’t get a pedal to do this…

RevivalDRIVE Tom C. 22.05.18

…and that the only way to get these sounds was at volume with valves, so I never hoped that this would happen, and to go from not knowing about it 4 days ago to having one I’m just blown away! So its a dream I never had come true, truly musical! Read More

My bass has never sounded so good.

Cali76 Compact Bass Nathan Navarro 29.10.16

This is the best compressor I’ve ever heard. Playing feels way easier and my bass has never sounded so good.

You guys are SICK! I’m blown away!

RevivalDRIVE Ilia

I gave up smoking several months ago, but I had to have a cigarette today! Read More

Every time I change the settings, it’s like ‘Oh, that’s an [insert name of amp]’

RevivalDRIVE Graeme Scott 16.07.18

I recently took delivery of a RevivalDrive, and I am just contacting you to say how chuffed I am with it. Read More

Hands down my favourite pedal, and worth every penny.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe Matt Biffa 07.06.17

I got my Cali76 Compact Deluxe last week from No.Toms in Denmark St, and it is an absolute revelation. It adds so much sparkle and sweetness to my tone that I literally don’t want to stop playing, and my fingers are killing me. I’d heard it was a pretty good pedal, but I wasn’t prepared for this – it retains all my pick attack, while sustaining for days, the kind of sound you get lost in. Immense. Hands down my favorite pedal, and worth every penny.

You guys are magical wizards who can bend electrons to your will. Please don’t stop innovating!

Cali76 Compact Deluxe Fred Markert 17.02.17

My new Cali76 CD leaves me speechless! I’ve used an MXR DynaComp (script version) for decades and have tried out many different compressors over the years, but nothing compares to the Cali76 CD. Read More

I actually disliked compressors until I tried the Cali76 Compact Deluxe.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe Sean Rezel 09.06.17

I’ve actually disliked compressors until I tried the Cali76 CD. It blew my mind and works so well on my board. It’s unbelievable, the tone and roundness and smoothness of the note is killer.

I now own 4 Origin Effects pedals, which should tell you something!

Cali76 Compact Deluxe & RevivalDRIVE Graeme Scott 01.08.18

These are phenomenally well-made pedals, and the sound quality is top notch. They’re not ‘cheap’ but they still represent excellent value for money. The compressors are the quietest I’ve ever heard, and both the Cali76 and the Revival Drive have been game-changers for me, the former on stage, the latter in my home practice and recording setup. Read More

Sustain Sustain Sustain

SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Doug Pine  12.11.2016

First impression out of the box: Rock solid construction.
First impression on use: This compressor is everything I’ve longed for as a slide player. Incredibly flexible and adjustable. Sustain sustain sustain. Being able to blend the dry signal is fantastic. Separate in and out levels are great when switching from single coils to humbuckers (Strat to SG). Noiseless switching, no “pop” at all. It plays nicely with my other pedals.

I had given up on overdrive pedals. This is completely different. And one I want to use now.

RevivalDRIVE Ben B. 20.05.18

I’m stunned by the beauty of the tones from the RevivalDRIVE! Amazing woman tone, and note projection, even without mid boost. Ghost tone and more/pres controls…wow! Read More

 I seem to have found my sound FINALLY….Thanks to the Cali 76 Deluxe.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe Azhar Karmal 02.11.16

I got mine a couple of weeks ago. I set it up in my main studio audio path coming from my Peter Cornish G2 into a Palmer Triline which splits up the signal to my main recording amps, Boogie King Snake and a 1967 Super Reverb with 4xD110F Speakers by JBL. Read More

It’s like having 3 great amps vs. one amp with a great pedal.

RevivalDRIVE Don Butler 13.07.18

I got my “Revival Drive” today! I’m more than chuffed! It’s incredible. Cheers guys! It does everything I hoped it would and more! The sounds & tone I’m getting are not like any pedal I’ve ever used but like an amp. Read More


Cali76 Compact Deluxe Bern Stock 09.04.17

My Cali76 came in today. Super fast delivery, and WHAT A PEDAL! This is serious gear people. It’s impossible to get a dud sound out of it. I’ve never heard a compressor like it before in my life. Thank you Origin Effects. This will never leave my board.

This is guitar pedal history – it’s in a league of its own.

RevivalDRIVE Søren Reiff

I just got the RevivalDRIVE from Origin Effects and am totally blown away!

I’ve never heard an overdrive pedal sound this good, so dynamic, so transparent and the possibilities you get with this overdrive are outrageous. Read More

I honestly could not recommend it more.

RevivalDRIVE Bern Stock 02.11.18

For the past 5 or so years I’ve been researching, testing and learning about guitar effects pedals in general. My journey with Overdrives ended up making me require very specific features to even get my attention as an Overdrive pedal. These features are: Read More