Jason Isbell Shows Off His SlideRIG Compressor

Premier Guitar have interviewed Jason Isbell for their latest ‪#‎rigrundown ‬feature and we’ve spotted our SlideRIG dual-chained compressor on his rig. Hear what he has to say here: https://youtu.be/rYULQwe4zR4?t=30m21s

Jason, formally of Drive-By Truckers is a great slide guitar player who knows his evidently knows his tone and uses the SlideRIG get “a ton of sustain”. He expresses how “everything gets huge…and puts the pedal to the floor when you’re playing slide with that thing!”

We’ve also spotted Jason using pickups from OX4 Pickups, our friends from Oxford. He’s got them in his Les Paul here: https://youtu.be/rYULQwe4zR4?t=3m58s

The whole video is a great watch so check it out!!