David Gilmour

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Tony Iommi

Black Sabbath

“…the closest sound I’ve found to the one I used on the first Sabbath albums.”

Ed O’Brien

Radiohead, Solo Artist


Graham Coxon

Blur, Solo Artist

“Yes! It’s a really incredible pedal the Cali76!” –

Pino Palladino

Session Musician, John Mayer, D'Angelo



“I tried the Cali76 and RevivalDRIVE in the studio and l loved them. They make my tone thicker and more elegant. They’ll be added to my pedalboard.”

Camilla Charlesworth

Session Musician, Kim Gordon

“Feeling so spoilt to have this studio quality sound at my fingertips.”

Alessandro Venturella


“I’m loving the Cali76-CB and is in both my rigs. Also our front of house guy has it on all 4 of my DI channels. The dry and HPF really is handy.”

Ariel Posen

Solo Artist

“I love the MAGMA57! Took it on the road and I never turned it off.”

Joey Landreth

Landreth Bros.

“Sometimes the Plexi sound is necessary, to have it in a pedal allows me to have it just when I need it.”

Blu DeTiger

Solo Artist

“I love the “BassRIG Super Vintage” because you can get that iconic Ampeg SVT sound, while also having a lot of options and versatility of bass tones within just one pedal.”

Peter Frampton

Solo Artist

“The RevivalDRIVE rules! I can make my amp sound like a Marshall as opposed to the Fender that it is.”

Men I Trust

Jessy Caron, Emmanuelle Proulx

“I’m digging the RevivalDRIVE so much!”

Chris Chaney

Session Musician, Jane's Addiction

“As someone who owns and has used Vintage Ampeg SVT’s on countless gigs and sessions, the BASSRIG Super Vintage does a meticulous job at recreating that classic tone and then some without straining my back.”

“The Cali76 Compact Bass is hands down one of the best compressors I’ve ever used. Origin Effects have delivered a masterpiece in a pedal that would normally be reserved for a two or three rack space unit costing thousands more. Do yourself a favour and give it a try. You will be blown away.”

The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas


“Loving these new Stacked Cali76 and DCX Bass pedals. Thanks Origin for helping us sound amazing!”

Ian Martin Allison

Session Musician

“My Cali76 is ALWAYS on. It hurts my heart to think about playing without it.”

Cory Wong

Vulfpeck, The Fearless Flyers

“I had chance to start trying the pedal (Cali76 Compact Deluxe) out in a couple of situations and it’s really cool man. I have been using it for my acoustic guitar oddly enough. It’s a great sounding pedal!”



“The Cali76 is what changed my mind about pedalboard compression. I’m so glad to have the MK2 as the visual confirmation meter makes all the difference.”

Mark Morton

Lamb of God

“The Halcyon Gold is top tier.  Whether I’m looking for a subtle push, a screaming shred or anything in between…it’s high quality, usable tone, right out of the box.”

Chris Buck

Cardinal Black

“I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Klon. That strident mid-range has such a distinct character that’s always there, for better or for worse. To be able to control/tame that to such an extent with the Halcyon Gold whilst still being incredibly intuitive to use really is brilliant. It does everything my Klon does – and more – without the footprint or worry involved in carrying such a valuable piece of gear around!”

Josh Smith

Solo Artist

“Sometimes the Plexi sound is necessary, to have it in a pedal (RevivalDRIVE) allows me to have it just when I need it.”

Tom Doyle

Don Broco

“The extra depth and harmonics I get from this pedal is great. I’ll be using the BassRIG Super Vintage as my fundamental sound.”

Adam “Nolly” Getgood

Record Producer

“The Cali76 is by far the coolest sounding compressor I have ever come across that isn’t a rack studio unit.”

James LoMenzo

Megadeth, John Fogerty

“The Super Vintage has all the character of my old late 70’s Ampeg, without the threat of the inevitable amp shutdown. I loved my old 70’s SVT with the Motorola preamp tubes. The feel and tone of The Super Vintage puts it right back there for me.”

Richard Fortus


“The Halcyon is the best tube screamer type pedal I’ve used.”

Roland Guerin

Solo Artist

“I can retain clarity in my bass tone while adding real VIBRATO with attitude!”

Phil X

Bon Jovi

“I think the Cali76 is the best compressor out there!”

Cindy Cashdollar

Solo Artist, Bob Dylan

“I can’t imagine my pedalboard without the SlideRIG! Using the Dual-Chained compression delivers both beautiful and TRUE compression without compromising tone, live and in the studio”

Johnny Hiland

Solo Artist

“There is no better compression pedal made on the planet!”

Paul Epworth

Record Producer

“The SlideRIG is without a doubt the best compressor I’ve used. To say it sounds like two 1176s in series is an understatement of the sound and build of this unit.”

Guy Pratt

Pink Floyd, Whitesnake

“This is a great, powerful and versatile compressor. I love it.”

Emily Retsas

Phoebe Bridgers, Kim Gordon

“The BassRIG sounds absolutely amazing. I’m really impressed with it.”

Robert Kearns

Big Hat, Sheryl Crow

“One small step on this pedal… One giant leap for bass kind”

Romesh Dogangoda

Record Producer

“The Origin pedals have been such an amazing addition to the sounds available to me in the studio. I love the huge amount of flexibility with the drive pedals, allowing me to use them in so many different ways, even straight into a cab! The Cali 76 gives me that familiar 1176 studio compression sound in a pedal! Whats not to love about that?!”

Mike Exeter

Record Producer, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath

“Origin pedals help me get the sounds that inspire my artists to create their most enduring and passionate work.” 

Tom Peterson

Cheap Trick

“The BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel is an amazing bass amp in a box pedal. It’s my ‘3rd amp’ on stage and it pairs great with my live guitar and bass amps.”

Kemble Walters


“The BassRIG Super Vintage is a bass player’s ‘Swiss Army knife’ wrapped in gold (well…silver and blue actually)… I love this pedal. It’s never coming off my board…ever.”

Troy McLawhorn


“The overdrive tone of the Hot Rod Compact is great! It can go from gritty rock to high gain metal with ease. It adds a ton of versatility to my pedalboard.”

Kurt Ballou


“Wow! The Cali76 Stacked really makes your signal stay put! I’m loving it for ‘post rock’ guitars and smooth, classy bass tones!”

Jeff Schroeder

Smashing Pumpkins

“The Cali76 is hands down the best compressor in a pedal format I’ve ever played. The pedal sounds absolutely gorgeous and feels very natural under the fingers. It has become an essential element of my clean sound both in the studio and in my live rig.”

Jasmine Star

Solo Artist

“Origin pedals are sick! They have a ton of range, are super detailed, and keep you firmly in control of your sound”

Lexii Lynn

Solo Artist

“The DELUXE61 is exactly what I’ve been trying to find for YEARS. It does everything. This thing is a beast!”

Jeff Matz

High on Fire

“The Cali76 Stacked Edition sounds incredible; it really brings out the growl and punch of my bass and makes it sing. And it’s amazing on guitar as well!”

Isaiah Skarkey

Solo Artist, John Mayer

“I love the drive on the Deluxe61. It has just the right amount of breakup.”

Brent Hinds


“The Deluxe61 is awesome! I need another one of them!”

Mark Lettieri

Snarky Puppy, The Fearless Flyers

“The Magma57 is a super inspiring pedal!”

Valeria Falcon

Session Musician

“I love the Cali76 compressor pedal. It gives me presence and definition, which helps me to cut through the mix.”

Steven Wilson

Solo Artist, Porcupine Tree

“I’m a big fan of using 1176’s in the studio, so it made sense for me to have the Cali76 as a pedal.”

Emily Wolfe

Solo Artist

“The Cali76 is hands-down the best compressor I’ve ever used. I love the option to blend in my dry signal for parallel compression…”

Adam Goldsmith

Session Musician

“Worth buying simply for the drive sound alone. It’s incredibly amp-like. I immediately bought two more in order to have them on all my boards for both live and studio. Fantastic job, Origin! “

Mac McAnally

Solo Artist, Session Musician

“I’m taking a few to brag on my new RevivalDRIVE Compact pedal. This bad boy just became my go to for distortion!”

Neil Westfall

A Day To Remember

“This is the best, most versatile overdrive pedal on the market. I use it with my amps and even with my Kemper. I love it!”

Nick Johnston

Solo Artist

“I’m not usually known as a guitar player who builds his tone from pedals, but the RD Compact Hot Rod is a necessity on your pedalboard. This pedal inspires me and gives me that little boost of confidence I need to take risks and experiment with my guitar playing.”

Rachael Wolff

Wolff Sisters

“Origin Effect’s Halcyon Green Overdrive is my new favorite overdrive pedal. Between its versatile settings and its Adaptive Circuitry, I can dial in the perfect tone I’ve been chasing.”


Solo Artist

“Solid, dimensional, vintage feel….this is my GO-TO pedal ! It pushes my right hand so sweet.” – 76-SE

Asher Belsky

Solo Artist

“The musicality of the Cali76 stacked inspires me. It works so well with everything I do. Whether it’s to make a solo really soar or add some warmth and structure to my clean tone, it always seems to be the perfect fit.”

“Lately, I’ve been comparing which OD works best with which amp. When I plugged the Halcyon into my ’76 Marshall JMP, it literally took my breath away.”

Flo Naegeli

Solo Artist

“It really makes you want to play non-stop. This pedal provides you with a variety of very inspiring drive sounds – they are all in this little box! It has everything that I’m looking for in an overdrive pedal!“

Caleb Shomo


“Don’t feel like dropping thousands on a vintage plexi? This does the trick.”

Sonny Landreth

Solo Artist

“Kudos to Origin Effects for honing the design of their versatile, great sounding comp/limiter pedal. I’m impressed with the studio-grade components in a smaller package that’s both road worthy and easy to use…..Very cool.”

Peter “Danish Pete” Honoré

Session Musician

“The Cali 76 is perfect for anything from tight funk and beautiful clean chord sounds, getting that solo to shine and making that note bloom… I love the RevivalDRIVE Compact and the way it can get those slightly broken up notes and with the blend knob I can get the perfect balance of the drive and clean signal…”
“I have had a love/hate relationship with Tube Screamers all my guitar playing career. I love the drive tones, but I always wanted to minimise that mid hump when rolling off the volume knob on the guitar. Now that is exactly what the Halcyon gives me with the “Adapt” feature, it’s just brilliant. I think I finally have found my forever Tube Screamer.”

Ben Ellis

Session Musician, Iggy Pop

“I love vintage sounds and the Cali76 Compact Bass gives you real old school compression in a pedal. The alternative is dragging around a rack of outboard and no one will love you for that!”

Rudy Sarzo

Session Musician, Quiet Riot

“…I continue to be extremely impressed by the tonal quality.”

Scott Sharrard

Little Feat, Solo Artist

“The RevivalDRIVE delivers on a promise that so many overdrive pedals long to do. My current rig has the RevivalDRIVE Compact which I pair with the SlideRIG, a killer combination.”

Adam Prendergast

Session Musician

“I use my Cali76-CB to help my basses breathe and reach their full potential. If you want vintage warmth as well as a creative tool to enhance texture… look no further.”

Lee Harris

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets

“I can use any Origin pedals knowing that they are built to last.”

Kyle Konkiel

Bad Wolves

“The Cali76 Compact Bass is literally, the best bass compressor pedal on the market.”

Nir Felder

Solo Artist, Session Musician

“The new Halcyon from Origin Effects is an excellent addition to the selection of boost/drive pedals on the market. Versatile, yet unique, it’s a great sounding, useful addition to any rig. I love mine!”

J. D. Simo

Solo Artist

“I’m new to the overdrive world, but the Halcyon is awesome! The Mix knob is kind of a game changer. The more you mix in the dry signal the more harmonics come through. It’s really organic and truthful. I really dig it!!”

David Kim

Session Musician

“The Halcyon has single-handedly changed my mind about Tube Screamers. The Adaptive circuit makes the Halcyon perfect for any setting from CCM, Gospel, to Hard Rock. The Cali 76 is excellent for adding some compression to your sound without losing your original signal. The Revival Drive Hotrod Compact is what I need for an epic Plexi sound!”

Simón Vargas

Solo Artist

“It’s always a pleasure to find a pedal that gets you to the sound you’re looking for in an effortless manner. I’d been doing all sorts of weird moves to try and get the sound that the BassRig gives me with just a couple of turns on the knobs. Amazing sound, cuts through the mix and kicks you in the stomach, just like it should.”

Dan Toppo

Solo Artist, Session Musician

“Prior to having the Origin Effects SlideRig, I had to rely on
overdrive or fuzz in order to get the sustain I wanted. As a slide
player, it is important for me to be able to play multiple notes after
just one pluck in order to elicit the effect of singing with the

The sustain I was getting from the overdrive and fuzz was lacking the
cleanness of the vocalists I was drawing inspiration from. Now that I
have the SlideRig, I am able to get that clean sustain without having
to use any overdrive or fuzz. This pedal has exceeded all expectations
I had for it!”

Alana Alberg

Session Musician

“The BASSRIG Super vintage exceeds any expectations. It is amazing how it makes you sound like you have an amp. It is fantastic that I can bring such a small gear to my gigs and recording sessions and improve the quality of my sound 100%. I particularly love the drive, that brings a spicy taste to my bass. Being honest, Super Vintage has only one defect: once you try it, you don’t live without anymore.”

Mason Nagy

Devil Wears Prada

“With all the great tone and feel of a vintage SVT but none of the fuss, the BASSRIG Super Vintage does it all for me.”

Russ Pritchard

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

“The Origin BassRig ‘64 is a beast! Once you’ve put the bass thru it, it’s hard to imagine not using it every time.”

Mark Childers

Carrie Underwood

“I LOVE this pedal. I rarely use an amp anymore since Ive been on in ear monitors. Now, I’m able to have that SVT grit and more with this new Bassrig pedal. It’s amazing!”

Jonathan Jourdan

Mammoth WVH

“The M-EQ let’s me push my amp into places I never thought possible, all with top notch Origin Effects build quality that is ready for punishment on tour.”

Ronnie Ficarro

Mammoth WVH

“I’m absolutely floored on how good the Cali 76 Compact Bass has helped shape my tone! Modeled after one of my favorite studio compressors, the Cali 76 Compact Bass will never leave my board. I love how easy it is to dial in the perfect amount of compression that highlights my percussive pick playing.”
“The Black Panel Bass Rig has changed the game for me! The accuracy and articulation of this pre amp gives me freedom to enhance the tone I get through my amp, or bypass the amp all together and have a killer DI tone. This rugged tour worthy box is a must have!”

Yuya Komoguchi

Yuya Komoguchi

Solo Artist

“I use the Cali76 Compact Deluxe not only as a compressor, but also as a preamplifier. It keeps nice dynamic range while I play with changing the volume level of the guitar frequently.”

Sam McTrusty

Sam McTrusty

Twin Atlantic

“As soon as I put the RD compact and Cali76 CD into my chain I knew they were never coming out. Live and in the studio these pedals are absolute beasts. Instantly access tones and control to sculpt sounds that weren’t available without outboard gear, expensive mics and vintage tube amps.“

Todd Ogren

Todd Ögren

Rival Sons

“I love the nuance of the RevivalDrive Compact. That tinge of crunch on leads cuts through and beefs up the tone of my rhythm pads perfectly.”

Jack Ruch

Jack Ruch

Founder, East Nashville Guitar Club

“The Cali 76 adds body and sustain to my clean tone. It’s great for making single note rhythm parts and double stops pop out of a mix.”

Scott Hansen

Jude Smith

Jude Smith

Session Musician

“The RD Compact is one of those pedals that just sounds great with little tweaking, but then if you want, it’s got the flexibility to get really detailed. Best of all is this thing just roars – one of the few pedals I’m proud to show off on my board.”

Jeff Loomis

Nevermore, MORE

“The new Cali76 Pedal provides the real “secret sauce” to my overall sound with all the dynamics and punch I need to let my guitar tone absolutely rip.”

Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens

Billy Idol

“The Cali76 Stacked Compressor is an incredible pedal. It’s impossible to get a bad sound out of it!”

Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor

King's X

“The Cali76 has that familiar sound we all know and love in a pedal format. It’s great!”

Perfecto De Castro

Perfecto De Castro

Session Musician

“The RD Compact Hot Rod gives me the sound and feel of my favourite British tones but through anything I can plug it into! Amazing musical Tool!”

Joe Principe

Joe Principe

Rise Against

“I use the DCX Bass to add that missing extra grit I always look for in my tone. It’s a great tool to have in the toolbox.”

Daniel Kristjansson

Daniel Kristjansson


“Origin effects are reliable, top quality pedals that simply sound amazing. They’ve become an essential part of my tone and sound.”



Session Musician

“With every turn of the knobs, I can dial the best tone. The Halcyon Green Overdrive is like a sonic magnifying glass.”

Man on Man


“We’ve had friends who told us about Origin Effects but never knew how much their pedals could actually make such a huge difference in tone and clarity in our live setups. We pack light, so every piece of gear we use has to serve a purpose. Origin Effects pedals are not only road worthy, they’ve helped us define our live sound. Stacking the Halycon Green overdrive with a fuzz or distortion marries clarity and oomph like we’ve never heard. We can’t say enough about how great these pedals are!”

Steven Delman


The Cali76 Stacked is my new secret weapon. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without this pedal on my board. It puts the feel and sustain back into my tone and makes playing guitar feel new again. Also killer when paired with the SuperVintage BassRIG.

The DCX Boost takes my dry signal to entirely different level. Paired with the Cali76, it doesn’t get much better. EQ mode for dialing in your tone exactly as how you hear it in your head, OD mode for an extra grit push.

The SuperVintage BassRIG is as close as it gets to the real thing. A/B’d with the SVT Classic, this pedal just sounds better. Paired with the Cali76 Compact Bass or Stacked Edition, this is all you need for a fly rig or recording.

Traa Daniels


“This is the best compressor I’ve ever played. I’ve used it after my Neve mic pre in recording sessions with great results!”

Ryan Newell

Sister Hazel

“With Origin Effects, sounds previously only obtainable in the studio are now on your pedalboard. So inspiring!”

Seye Adelekan

Gorillaz, Damon Albarn

“I’ve been touring and recording for 17 years now and I cannot see myself without the Cali76 MK2 and BassRig Super Vintage on my boards. Lovely stuff”

Boaz Roberts


“Few pedals have stayed in my chain for so long. The Magma57 is my mainstay ‘everything drive’ and the pitch vibrato is beautifully voiced. If it’s not fuzz, it’s the magma for me. Pairs perfectly with my amps and has a really unique feel and tonal quality. I recommend this pedal to everyone!”

Roel Käller


“The BassRIG Super Vintage gives my sound the punch, warmth and edge I was looking for!”

Shaun Cooper

Taking Back Sunday

“I really love my Origin Effects pedals. The Bassrig ‘64 allows me to bring my tone anywhere we travel to across the globe. The DCX Bass gives me a great boost and nasty grit when I need it. The Cali ‘76 compressor evens everything out and keeps me in line. Origin makes it all so easy. I am proud to use their outstanding gear.”

David Landreth

Bros Landreth

“I don’t remember how long ago I put the Origin Effects Cali76 Bass Compact on my pedal board, but it hasn’t left yet and it has the scars to prove it. The new iteration is a delightful upgrade (smaller, more blinky lights, 24v!, TONE) worthy of finally retiring my old workhorse!”

Trevor Keith

Face to Face

“The Origin Cali 76 compressor is a game changer. I’m using it in the parallel setting on the effects loop of the Victory Amps Dutchess pedal amp and it gives me the tube “sag” feel you get playing through a vintage tube amp. It’s an essential new part of my pedal board”

John Moyer


“I love the BassRIG pedal. It’s been incorporated into my touring rig.”


  • John Mayer
  • Pete Townshend (The Who)
  • Don Felder (The Eagles)
  • Chris Woltsenholme (Muse)
  • Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)
  • Mark Knopfler (via British Grove Studios)
  • Steve Lukather (Toto, Ringo Starr)
  • Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro)
  • Walter Becker (Steely Dan)
  • Leland Sklar (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross...)
  • Robbie Robertson (The Band, Bob Dylan, Producer)
  • Paul Barrere (Little Feat)
  • James Valentine (Maroon 5)
  • Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart)
  • John Shanks (Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Santana, Sting...)
  • Jake Blanton (The Killers, Beck, Sia...)
  • Jacob Peterson (The Steve Miller Band)
  • B.J.Cole (Cat Stevens, The Verve...)
  • Robbie McIntosh (Paul McCartney, John Mayer etc...)
  • Ross Hogarth (Producer: Van Halen, Gov’t Mule etc...)
  • Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)
  • Mark Foster (Foster the People)
  • Morgan Sinclair (Architects)
  • Lu Edmonds (P.i.L)
  • Morgan Nicholls (Muse, Gorillaz, Lilly Allen)
  • Andy Bell (Oasis/Beedy Eye/Ride)
  • Mark Gardener (Ride)
  • Aaron Gillespie (Paramore, Underoath, The Almost...)
  • Tim Wheeler (Ash)
  • Ben Jones (The Voice UK, Mary J Blige, Pixie Lott...)
  • Ben Epstein (The Voice UK, Pixie Lott...)
  • Patrick Walden (Babyshambles)
  • Terry Britten (Michael Jackson, Tina Turner etc...)
  • Hector Maldonado (Train)
  • Ian Perkins (The Gaslight Anthem)
  • James Gregory (Nashville Sessions, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant)
  • Daniel Steinhardt (Tin Spirits, That Pedal Show)
  • Derek Frank (Shania Twain)
  • Jason Boland (Kodaline)
  • Henry Kaiser
  • Mark Sheehan (The Script)
  • Jacob Tilley (Young the Giant)
  • Lebo (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
  • Giacomo Gastaldi
  • Mark Cimino (Devon Townsend)
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  • Javier Serrano (Alex Campos Band, Deluz)
  • Sebastian Robertson
  • Giacomo Gastaldi (Bloodshot Dawn, Darkend)
  • Kevin Butler (Thy Art Is Murder)
  • Brian Hinchliffe (Veteran session bassist)
  • Marty Prior (Award-Winning Bass Player, Producer, Cockney Rebel)
  • Wayne Banks (The Classic Rock Show)
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Jerry Douglas (Eric Clapton, Alison Krauss, etc...)
  • Steven Gibb (Black Label Society, Crowbar)
  • Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses, Steven Wilson, Asia, Simply Red)
  • Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Davie Bowie...)
  • Alexander Robertshaw (Everything, Everything)
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  • Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses, Slash, Heart, MC5...)
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  • Robert Sands (Soundtracks; Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, Moonshiners...)