Artist Pedals – ALO’S Lebo & His SlideRIG

We’ve been in contact with Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, guitar and steel player with Californian jam-rock band, Animal Liberation Orchestra, asking him to shed some light on his Origin Effects SlideRIG pedal.

Asking Lebo about his rig he told us that “The SlideRIG has been an integral part of my Steel Guitar sound both live and in the studio – I haven’t found anything that beats it when it comes to tone, portability, and vibe!”

ALO, who are signed to Jack Johnson’s record label, are busy promoting their latest album, Tangle of Time, but took some time off to talk gear. Lebo jumped straight in to tell us how their mixing engineer, Mike Cresswell, dubbed the SlideRIG “The secret weapon of the album” and used the compressor on everything from slide guitar to vocals.

This is from Mike – ” totally was my secret weapon. I used on every song pretty much. Sounds great blended in. I used it on guitars, bass, vocals, drums, and piano (my favorite). ‘Not Old Yet’ slide guitar for sure, and ‘The Ticket’ piano are examples of it run straight through. As far as drums go, I used it kinda tucked in. Sometimes to boost accents and fills. I definitely used it on accordion heavily. So ‘Sugar on My Tongue’, ‘The Ticket’, and ‘There Was a Time…’ would be great examples of that.Origin Effects compressors are the professional choice for achieving sweet tone and sustain on any instrument. Check out the range at

The new ALO album, “Tangle Of Time”, is out now on Brushfire Records.