Origin Effects Artists on Later… with Jools Holland

Origin Effects Artists To Be Seen Everywhere on Jools Holland Last Night

No less than 3 performances on Later… with Jools Holland last night featured Origin Effects compressors!

Origin Effects’ newest artists and heavy-hitting rockers, Biffy Clyro, performed 2 stand out tracks on Jools’ famous music show. “Wolves of Winter” drops down to a quieter section with a very even dynamic clean guitar part right before Simon Neil drops a face-melting solo – both tones benefiting from some classy compression.”Animal Style” also has a really strong solo guitar tone that has a real punch!A stand out moment on the show was Nashville Americana artist, Lera Lynn who performed a haunting live version of “For The Last Time”.

On guitar was Joshua Grange, a long-time user of Origin Effects compressors, who added an atmospheric guitar tone with plenty of reverb, tremolo, and compression.Joshua, who has played with artists such as Sheryl Crow and KD Lang has said this of the Cali76-TX compressor in the past:

“I like using the Cali76 with just a touch of compression, and the transformer option adds a nice creamy sweetness to the top end. Great compression done right.”