‘The Who’ Bring In New Bass Player But Keep The Cali76

Jon Button Uses His Cali76 With The Who As Pino Takes His Cali76 On The Road With John Mayer

On a busy Friday, toward the end of March, we were pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Michael Kaye, guitar tech for The Who. Michael informed us that Pino Palladino and his Cali76 have moved on to perform with John Mayer this year and his replacement on bass, Jon Button, is using an Origin Effects compressor pedal too!He said that “Jon Button played his 1st Who show at RAH last night- (The Cali76-CB) worked out really well.” and gave us some shots of Jon’s pedal board. Here’s a shot of Button’s pedal board, which features the Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass compressor pedal, Noble DI/Preamp, EBS Octabass, Fulltone Bassdrive, Eventide H9, and Boss Volume Pedal:Jon was on bass duties with The Who for their performance in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall, the charity’s 100th gig at the venue on 30 March 2017, with a surprise support act Noel Gallagher (who also uses an Origin Effects compressor)! Michael gave us this link to The Who’s blog which details their rehearsal for the show.Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, John Mayer has once again called upon the bass skills of Pino Palladino for his Search For Everything Tour. Pino started using a Cali76-TX compressor pedal when he was providing bass for The Who and from the videos we have watched he is still using his comp. Check out this performance with Mayer on The Jimmy Kimmel show just before the tour kicked off and see if you can spot Pino’s Cali76: