Pedalboards of the Stars

Origin Effects Artists Share Their Pedalboards

We’ve added a load more artists onto our Artists Page this month including lots of pedalboard shots… these boards, from Graham Coxon, London Grammer, Simple Minds, Right Said Fred, and Linda Taylor, are super-clean and feature some high-end stompboxes and switchers. Let’s delve into the world of pro rigs…First up is Graham Coxon of Blur fame who recently had this board built for him by The Gig Rig. It features pedals from some boutique UK builders such as ThorpyFX, Hudson Electronics, and (of course) Origin Effects.Next up is Linda Taylor’s board. Linda has played with dozens of household names such as Art Garfunkel and Tracy Chapman but is probably best known for her role in the house band on Whose Line Is It Anyway. This kind of gig needs a broad palette of sounds to draw from and this board reflects this perfectly with its programmable Strymon pedals and a three-way switcher which allows Linda to plug in guest pedals easily.This super-clean board belongs to Charlie Burchill from Scottish chart toppers, Simple Minds. Charlie has great taste going by his choice of effects. This board looks ready to tour!The Cali76-CD is NOT too sexy for this board which belongs to Fred Fairbrass, one-half of 90s pop stars, Right Said Fred. Fred’s board is full of modern pedals to recreate vintage sounds which he uses to get funky tones: “I use the Diamond as a generic comp and the Cali for more disco/dance/funk grooves…it sounds great!”The final board is actually one of two and belongs to Dan Rothman from British Trip Hop group, London Grammer. The board on the right is for hands-on manipulation with the left one being used for traditional stomping. Again, this pedalboard was built by The Gig Rig and funnily enough holds a few of the same pedals which Origin’s Jack has on his board, specifically the EHX Hog, Boss OD-3, Analogman Mni Chorus, and of course the Origin Effects Cali76-CD. Good stuff!