The RevivalDRIVE: An Overdrive from Origin Effects

Coming soon from Origin Effects: the RevivalDRIVE!

After several years of research and development, we are proud to announce our latest pedal – the RevivalDRIVE.

It’s the first ever overdrive from Origin Effects – and the first overdrive of its kind, ever! That’s because the RevivalDRIVE houses a complete valve amp-style signal path recreated using all-analogue electronics. It accurately delivers a wide range of British and American amp tones, from clean to fully cranked, with the ability to dial in exactly the drive characteristics and dynamic response you desire.

The RevivalDRIVE: Origin Effects' First Overdrive Pedal

The RevivalDRIVE’s unique circuit design incorporates not only the preamp, phase inverter, power amp and rectifier stages, but also a synthesised mains power signal and a speaker-emulating reactive load. Because these stages behave and interact just like the real thing, the RevivalDRIVE is the first pedal capable of delivering true amp-like overdrive, power amp sag and the characteristic “ghost tones” generated when cranking certain vintage amps.

Better still, we’ve built in a range of EQ compensation features that let you fine-tune the output of RevivalDRIVE to suit a range of popular amps – or even plug straight into a flat-response power amp.

RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM Option board

As part of the new RevivalDRIVE range, we’re also releasing the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM. Designed for maximum versatility, the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM features additional front-panel controls and a secondary EQ that will let you precisely match the pedal with almost any amplifier. For touring players, it’s the ultimate fly-rig overdrive!

Features include:

  • Solid-state and valve-styled rectifier channels
  • Dual Class-A preamp stages
  • Phase inverter and push-pull power amp stages
  • Built-in reactive speaker load
  • Fully variable mid boost
  • Unique Ghost control
  • Dry Blend control for parallel drive effects
  • Re-Amp EQ controls

RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM only:

  • Additional amp-matching filter/EQ controls

Optional two-button Revival Footswitch:

  • Override Dry Blend control
  • Activate mid boost
Front Image of Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE overdrive
Origin Effects RevivalDRIVERevival Footswitch


RevivalDRIVE £469/$549
RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM £569/$659
Revival Footswitch £TBC/$TBC


The RevivalDRIVE and RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM will be officially released at the end of April and we’re expecting demand to be high. You can pre-order yours here from the 29th of March. We’re limiting pre-orders to an initial 200 units, so save the date!

Further Information:

Please refer to the product page… We will be adding further content in the coming weeks.

Even though aspects of this pedal will sound great with bass, we also have a bass player voiced design currently in development, with further details being announced later in 2018.

19 replies on “The RevivalDRIVE: An Overdrive from Origin Effects

  • Fred Heurtin

    I am sure i want the revival custom. It will take a while for me to send the payment. ( its a bit pricey) is this a limited edition pedal?

    • origineffects

      Hey, Fred.
      Thanks for showing your interest in the RevivalDRIVE!
      This is NOT a limited edition pedal and we plan to keep producing it into the foreseeable future.

  • Stefan Karlsson

    Extremely positive first impressions of your new drive pedal – congratulations to all concerned – when will there be some sound samples or demo videos ready? I’m kind of prepared to buy this one blind, but it would be better of course to know what sort of range this pedal covers.

    • origineffects

      Hey, Stefan.
      Thanks for your kind words about the RevivalDRIVE.
      We are in the process of getting videos ready so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Bryan Falcho

    A HUGE Word of advice, probably the BEST thing U cld do, other than already having made a solid unit is PLEASE put in a Manuel of how to get desired tones of the American & British Amps that can be achieved using this unit!!!!!! That is by FAR, what EVERY OTHER COMPANY LACKS & wld GREATLY GREATLY SET UR CO. apart from the other companies!!!! I’m not talking about a little after thought double sided piece of paper with a few generalities of generic amp information.. Customers (I assure U) R looking for the specifics U mentioned in the units description. If the pedal is capable of achieving many sounds of American & British Amps then PLEASE BY ALL & ANY MEANS NECESSARY SHOW the settings for each & everyone it is capable of relatively achieving!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!!!! It will draw Ur customers into the unit ALOT more thus expanding the time they spend w this one of a kind pedal!!! For product buyers especially of effects units there is nothing more frustrating than getting the pedal and not being able to achieve what a company claims it can do ,this information manual will have the consumer become more Interactive with the product and spend a ton of more time with it ,using experimenting with it and most of all talking about it with others! Also detail the ghost tones, this is where the pedal becomes pivitol of having special attributes not found in other pedals so far and since it concerns itself with vintage aspects it’s a new pedal that does new things and also doesn’t leave the past behind, but instead focuses on a very popular Cornerstone for guitarist and the equipment they use which is quote vintage aspects which region to the Past to bring the things we’ve only heard on record to life before our eyes, in our homes , practice & recording studios, and on stage for the “lucky” few. I CANNOT WAIT to try Ur revolutionary new unit & April can’t come quick enough. Wishing Ur Company Success,
    Bryan Falcho, Pittsburgh, PA 412-653-5766….

  • Tim Anderson

    I would like to hear any sound clips of the unit in use. Using all styles of music and many different brands of instruments.
    Thank you
    Tim Anderson

  • paul

    Hi – This looks fantastic. Apologies but I am not fully understanding the distinction with the custom model. Does it have a different EQ control set or is it the same pedal pictured with the additional controls at the top of the pedal (like in picture 2 on this page)? Thanks, in advance. Also, will this be a limited run or will you continue to offer it? Best, Paul

    • origineffects

      Hey, Kevin.
      We’re working on video content at the moment. Please keep checking our site and social media channels to see and hear what the RevivaldRIVE can do!

  • Kevin Kern

    Can I use the Revival Drive plugged into the input of a regular guitar amplifier such as my 1966 Fender Super Reverb guitar amp? OR Is the Revival Drive only for use into a “flat response” type amplifier or P.A. ??? Also if it turns out that I CAN use it in my 1966 Fender Super Reverb guitar asmp then can I expect the Revival Drive to produce CONVINCING Marshall guitar amplifier type/style tones with
    my Fender amplifier???

    • origineffects

      Hey, Kevin.

      Yes, you can use the RevivalDRIVE just like a conventional guitar pedal. At the flick of a switch, the RevivalDRIVE can change its output-EQ to let it interface with a Blackface Fender like your Super Reverb. The same switch tailors the pedal’s output-EQ to be compatible with Marshall-type amps and flat response power amps. The CUSTOM version expands upon this to let the output EQ be shaped in a more flexible way to suit almost any type of amp that it is plugged into.


      • Kevin Kern

        Thank you for your very quick response to my question you guys are awsome!!! By the way I love your compressors I’m fixing to buy one of those too. Anyway please pardon me for MY lack of clarification in my previously posted question about the RevivalDRIVE. I was wanting to also know if it would make my ’66 Fender Blackface Super Reverb sound anywhere close to a Marshall amplifier in tone/response (albeit that it doesn’t have the Celestion speakers in itof course) ??? Any thoughts??? P.S. I’m already sold though and I am going to buy one of these from you as well as the compressor too😎😎😎


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