First RevivalDRIVE orders leave Origin Effects HQ

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Origin Effects, ultimately leading to our first shipment of RevivalDRIVE units (now featuring remote switching changes). We’ve fine-tuned our FET selection and calibration/test processes, and our assembly team have now largely committed the build process to muscle memory, so we’re looking to ramp up our production and clear the backlog of orders.

Our friendly courier, Alan, collected the first shipment this afternoon which will be going to the early birds who placed their orders directly with us. Next week we’re continuing our first production batch, including dealer orders. With over 600 sales to date this is going to be a lengthy process, however, we hope to fulfil our 250 pre-ordered units by the end of the month.

6 replies on “First RevivalDRIVE orders leave Origin Effects HQ

  • Don Butler

    I got my “Revival Drive” Today! (s/n# 0249) I’m more than chuffed! It’s incredible. Cheers guys! It does everything I hoped it would and more! The sounds & tone I’m getting are not like any pedal I’ve ever used, but like an amp. The touch response is unbelievable.I’m using a Marshall Astoria Custom with NOS valves. It’s like having 3 great amps vs. one amp with a great pedal.
    Send me an email address I can send some Allman Bros. photos to. The photos are from 1971/72. I knew Duane and knew everyone. I even have a couple of Duane’s Coricidin bottles that were gifted to me in 1971 & another in 1989.
    Regards; Don Butler

    • origineffects

      Hey, Don.
      Wow, it seems you have had some incredible experiences with the Allman Brothers! I would absolutely love to see those photos and hear some more about yourself. You can email [email protected]
      I’m really pleased that you are enjoying your RevivalDRIVE pedal and you may have even found some Duane-like tones from it using your Coricidin bottles!


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