Six String Tales – Short Documentary

“There was a great demand out there for a studio-grade compressor pedal.”

Back in November 2018, Chris Prescott from Dark Sky Media paid us a visit here at Origin HQ to film a short documentary about our true origins as a company.In this short film, Simon explains how he came up with the concept for the first dual-chained compressor pedal that we now know as the SlideRIG. The pedal is based around the classic Urei 1176 studio compressor that has featured on the majority of records over the past 50 years.

“There was a great demand out there for a studio-grade compressor pedal.” After a year of design and development, the Cali76 soon became the industry standard compressor pedal for some of the worlds leading musicians. Further research and development of most recent years have seen the Cali76 take multiple compact forms, catering to both guitar players and bass players alike.

Simon goes on to give an insight into his electrical engineering background and how he came about developing the worlds first Ghosting Overdrive pedal. “The RevivalDRIVE aims to revive the amp tones of the 50s, 60s and early 70s.” Classic amps like the Plexi era Marshall’s, Blackface Fender amps & Vox AC30 were all sources of inspiration for this pedal. Designed to work with any existing amplifier, the RevivalDRIVE gives way to a plethora of vintage tones for the modern guitar player.

Many thanks to Chris at Dark Sky Media for this feature. Be sure to watch the expertly filmed short for an insight into our production process and the company as a whole.


Find out more about the Cali76, SlideRIG & RevivalDRIVE here.