Press Release: Cali76-TX compressor reissue

Sought-after large-format Cali76 with transformer output stage set to return

Buckinghamshire, UK (11 December 2019) – Origin Effects have just built their 10,000th Cali76 Compact Deluxe, the compressor pedal widely regarded as the gold standard for effects pedal compression. It’s a remarkable achievement for a small British company and shows how players worldwide have embraced Origin’s no-compromise approach to tone.

To celebrate this milestone, Origin have announced a limited reissue of the original the Cali76-TX. This version of the first-generation, large-format Cali76 featured an additional Class-A transistor stage driving a high-spec output transformer, plus a balanced line/DI output to add extra versatility in the studio and on stage.

When Origin launched the Cali76 back in 2012, it was, and still is, like nothing else on the market. With its large, brushed aluminium enclosure, studio-grade circuitry and astonishingly transparent sound, the Cali76 broke the mould in every department.

Though the award-winning Compact Deluxe has replaced the original large-format Cali76, packing exactly the same circuit topology and peerless performance into a smaller enclosure, the original transformer-equipped models remain highly sought-after by players, producers and collectors alike.

Now Origin Effects are reissuing both the TX and TX-L in a special limited run.

Cali76-TX compressor pedal. Limited Edition reissue 2019. Large format comp limiter with transformer output stage. 1176 Studio grade

The Cali76-TX features a custom-wound iron core transformer designed to subtly saturate and add extra harmonic complexity at higher gain levels. Meanwhile, the Cali76-TX-L features a high-end Lundahl transformer, offering the ultra-linear performance, transparent low end and flat phase response that many users prefer for use in the studio and on bass guitar.

Both pedals also feature a 12-stage LED gain reduction meter, a balanced line-level/DI output, and a high/low gain switch – useful for pushing the transformer harder.
The limited-edition TX and TX-L will be available through selected dealers/on a first-come, first-served basis on 11 December 2019. The Cali76 Compact Deluxe is, of course, still available, offering the same studio-grade 1176-style compression with the added convenience of a built-in dry blend control.

Cali76 Compact Deluxe 10000 10K with TX compressor pedals

Cali76-TX Limited Edition Reissue (£550/$639/€645/AU$985)

Cali76-TX-L Limited Edition Reissue (£650/$749/€765/AU$1165)

The original, large-format Cali76 compressor with high-spec transformer output stage and balanced line out, optimised for guitar, bass and studio use.

Features include:

  • Ratio, Attack, Release, Input/Comp and Output controls
  • 12-stage LED gain-reduction meter
  • Custom-wound iron core (TX) or ultra-linear Lundahl (TX-L) output transformer
  • Amplifier output plus independent balanced line/DI output with pad and ground lift options
  • High/Low gain switch for transformer saturation

Read more about the Cali76-TX and Cali76-TX-L here.

Find your nearest Origin Effects dealer here.

Cali76-TX compressor pedal. Limited Edition reissue 2019. Large format comp limiter with transformer output stage. 1176 Studio grade

3 replies on “Press Release: Cali76-TX compressor reissue

  • Steve Sukboriboon

    Loving the new Stacked version, my heart is still with these old big box versions. I would be more than happy if you released a box box with transformer TX or TXL with a blend knob.

  • Erin mansfield

    Cali 76 TX L
    I went to your dealers websites today and couldn’t find the new compressor pedals. Please reply so I can buy one or if you could tell me which dealer has them in stock. I currently have a older small Cali 76 and I absolutely love it.
    Thanks Erin

    • origineffects

      Hi, Erin.

      These have been very popular so some of our dealers may be low on stock.

      Please contact us via our contact form so that we can help you further.



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