Press Release: RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod

Origin Effects go high-gain with limited-edition RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod

Hot-rodded amp-in-a-box pedal delivers searing sustain and distortion

Buckinghamshire, UK (16 January 2020) – Origin Effects have released a supercharged version of their celebrated RevivalDRIVE pedal. Designed to deliver massive amounts of gain and sustain, the limited-edition RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod pays homage to the heavily modified amps that came to define the sound of hard rock and heavy metal.

In the early ‘70s, players were hunting for ways to coax more gain and saturation from their amps. Answering the call, a new generation of amp techs started modifying off-the-shelf Fender and Marshall amps, tweaking tone stacks and cascading preamp gain stages. Word spread and the after-market mods developed by a select group of engineers were soon in high demand from first-call session players and stadium rockers alike.

The new, high-gain sound produced by these ‘hot-rodded’ amps inspired a generation of guitarists and ultimately changed the course of amp design, leading to the next wave of Marshall amplifiers – notably the JCM 800 – and the creation of companies like Mesa/Boogie, Rivera, Soldano and Bogner.

Staying true to the RevivalDRIVE ethos, Origin Effects founder Simon Keats has analysed the era’s most influential mods and altered the RevivalDRIVE’s valve amp-style signal path for hot-rod levels of gain and sustain. The result is a pedal that retains the original’s astonishingly amp-like response but covers a completely new expanse of tonal territory.

From searing lead tones to super-saturated chords and palm-muted riffs, the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod delivers two channels of aggressive high-gain tone with tons of tweakability, including a fully adjustable mid boost, the unique GHOST control and comprehensive RE-AMP EQ controls.

The RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod will be available both with and without the Custom front-panel EQ, which further extends the pedal’s unique ability to adapt to whatever amp you’re plugging into.

This special-edition run will be limited to 500 units, with just 250 RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod pedals and 250 RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom pedals produced. It’s available to pre-order now from dealers worldwide and direct from

About the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod

Recreating the tones of hot-rodded amps using a complete valve amp-style signal path, the Hot Rod serves up a powerful range of searing, saturated high-gain tones. This special edition run is limited to 500 units (250 Hot Rod and 250 Hot Rod Custom).

Features include:
• Real amp circuit behaviour yielding incredibly realistic tone and dynamic response
• Independent, footswitchable silicon and valve-style rectifier channels
• Fully adjustable and switchable mid boost and dry blend
• Powerful RE-AMP EQ for compatibility with different amps and devices
• RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom features additional EQ and filter controls to tailor the pedal for just about any amp

RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod £485/$560/€570/AUD$870
RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod CUSTOM £585/$680/€688/AUD$1050