Press Release: RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo

Origin Effects unveil the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo

Buckinghamshire, UK (16 January 2020) – Origin Effects have introduced the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo, the first ever pedal to faithfully recreate the sound, feel and unique dynamic properties of the power tube bias tremolo effect built into early 1960s amps such as the Brown Fender Deluxe.

In contrast to the optical and VCA-based tremolo circuits found in the vast majority of pedals and amps, true bias tremolo is generated by modulating the bias voltage supplied to the power tubes. The resulting effect is not only gorgeously smooth and hypnotic, but also highly musical and responsive to playing dynamics.

As power amp gain increases, loud notes and chords are able to rise above the effects of bias modulation. Digging in harder allows you to “play over” the tremolo effect, before letting it fade back in as the note dies away or you soften your pick attack. As addictive as it is inspiring, it’s an effect that every guitarist has to experience, though be warned – it will make standard, always-on tremolos sound one-dimensional and heavy-handed in comparison!

The RevivalTREM is more than just a tremolo pedal, however. Based on the groundbreaking technology found in the Origin RevivalDRIVE, it houses a complete valve-amp style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics. It’s voiced to deliver a wide range of Deluxe-style valve amp tones with stunning authenticity, from gritty cleans through chewy Brownface break-up to growling Tweed-style distortion, all available with or without the independently switchable bias tremolo effect.

“Because the RevivalDRIVE recreates the interaction of a valve amp’s entire output stage, we knew that we could use the same platform to create a true bias tremolo,” explains Origin Effects founder Simon Keats. “We’re lucky enough to have a stunning 1962 Deluxe here in our listening room, and it became the inspiration behind the RevivalTREM. We designed the pedal to recreate not just the amp tones and the tremolo effect found in these vintage combos but also the way the two interact, which is where the real magic of bias tremolo lies.”

While the RevivalTREM might be firmly rooted in real valve amp circuit behaviour, it also boasts a range of modern features, including switchable wave shapes and tap tempo with selectable rhythmic subdivisions. The external footswitch input, which enables remote tap tempo and tremolo on/off, is also directly compatible with effects switching systems like the Boss ES series. Meanwhile, the powerful Post-Drive EQ section, as seen on the RevivalDRIVE Compact, tailors the output of the pedal to suit the voicing of the amp you’re plugging into, as well as flat-response power amps, mixers and recording interfaces.

Yet another game-changer from Origin Effects, the RevivalTREM is available to pre-order now from dealers worldwide and direct from

About the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo

The RevivalTREM is the first pedal to accurately recreate the power tube bias tremolo effect found in certain late-‘50s and early-‘60s guitar amps. Using the same groundbreaking circuitry found in the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE, the RevivalTREM recreates the uniquely rich and dynamically responsive bias tremolo effect at circuit level, while also offering a range of stunning clean and overdriven amp tones voiced after the Brown Fender Deluxe.

Tremolo features:
• True bias tremolo
• Switchable sine and full wave LFO shapes
• Wide-ranging speed and intensity controls
• Speed multiplier switch
• Tap tempo and remote tremolo on/off via optional external footswitch
• Multi-function LED jewel light indicates tremolo speed
Amp features:
• Complete valve amp-style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics
• Wide gain range, carefully voiced after our 1962 Brown Fender Deluxe
• Drive and tone controls plus independent output level knob
• Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ

Additional features:
• Direct compatibility with effects switching systems such as the Boss ES series, or TheGigRig G2.
• High-current, low-noise electronics
• Ultra-high input impedance
• Silent switching
• High-quality buffered bypass
• Advanced power supply filtering and protection
• Premium components throughout
• Designed and built in England

RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo £360/$430/€421/AUD$655