Origin Effects Artist: Adam Prendergast

It’s a pleasure to welcome bass player Adam Prendergast on board as an Origin Effects artist! We caught up with Adam who’s currently playing bass for Harry Styles’ band.

Which Origin Effects pedals do you have?

I have both the Cali76 Compact Bass & Cali76 TX-L.

Tell us about your experience using these pedals? 

I use my Cali76 Compact Bass to help my basses breathe and reach their full potential. In the past I’ve found that some compressors can work against my tone and strangle dynamics. Origin Effects compressors do exactly the opposite. They are as musical as they are functional. If you want vintage warmth as well as a creative tool to enhance texture… look no further!

How are you using your Cali76 Compact Bass in your rig?

I use my Cali76 pedals in different ways depending on what it is I’m trying to achieve. I’ll often use my Cali76 Compact Bass to take advantage of the dry blend function. It’s so useful to also have the ability to focus in on the high frequencies whilst letting the lows do their thing untouched. I often take this approach in a live setting so that I can sprinkle in some of that vintage warmth and magic but still retain the weight, character and dynamics of whichever bass I’m using. There’s more than noticeable difference in how the bass sits within a track from that point onwards.

What about the Cali76-TX-L?

I’ll often use my Cali76 TX-L as more of a musical effect or a creative tool in its own right. I use it to interact with other pedals and effects too. Placing it before or after another pedal has such a drastic impact of the outcome of the final sound you are chasing. Switching the gain setting to high and pushing the Lundahl transformer to break up is also so satisfying and opens up other tonal options.
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adamprendergast_/?hl=en