As of the 6th October 2021, our RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo pedal will be called the DELUXE61 Amp Tremolo & Drive. This is to reflect the fact that it is more than just a Tremolo pedal – it’s an entire amp circuit recreated in miniature, faithfully emulating the overdrive and tremolo sounds of a vintage 1961 Fender® Brown Deluxe. 


Since the first RevivalDRIVE was released in 2018, these pedals have gained a reputation as the very best in amp-like overdrive tones, using all-analogue circuitry to replicate the entire signal path of a classic valve amplifier. We took the same uncompromising approach when designing the DELUXE61 (formerly RevivalTREM), which captures the iconic overdrive and coveted bias tremolo of the Fender® Brown Deluxe amp. It’s a full-featured overdrive, tremolo and preamp pedal that can be used with traditional amps, power amps or direct to an audio interface. A very vintage tone for the world of huge pedalboards and “ampless” rigs. 


“The DELUXE61 is so much more than just a tremolo pedal. It’s a complete ‘amp recreation’, giving you all the tones of the famous Brown Deluxe, whether it’s soft, swampy trem or Southern Rock crunch” says Origin Effects founder, Simon Keats. “The new name conveys the pedal’s true capabilities, sitting alongside our MAGMA57, which pays tribute to the Magnatone® 200 series amps.” 


Though the name has changed, the sounds and circuitry remain the same, with the DELUXE61 pedals receiving a slight adjustment in output level to match our MAGMA57 pedal.  

Watch the official DELUXE61 product video here: Official Product Video

Watch the DELUXE61 Introduction video here: Introducing the DELUXE61

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