Press Release – BASSRIG ’64 Black Panel & Super Vintage Product Release

Today’s the day! We are proud to announce the release of not one but two bass overdrive and preamp pedals. The Origin Effects BassRIG pedals use our ground-breaking Analogue Amp Recreation circuitry to offer some of history’s greatest bass tones. With an entire valve amp circuit recreated in miniature, clean blend and an analogue cabinet-simulated DI output, each of these pedals puts big amp tone on even the smallest of pedalboards. 

The BassRIG Super Vintage captures every nuance of the world changing Ampeg® SVT® and its iconic 8×10 speaker cabinet. Released in 1969, the SVT® was the world’s first purpose-built, high-powered bass amp and it remains the first choice for the biggest names in bass guitar. The BassRIG Super Vintage boasts all the versatility of this classic stack, with deep low end, growling distortion and wide-ranging controls – but you don’t need a team of roadies to move it! 

The BassRIG ’64 Black Panel harks back even further to the mid-Sixties, when Fender® ruled the stage with their high-powered heads. This pedal pays tribute to the Showman® and Bassman® amps which, along with their 2×15 cabs, were relied on by everyone from Soul session players to Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty. We firmly believe that these early bass tones are some of the best ever, and the BassRIG ’64 Black Panel delivers all the warmth and grit that define this boundary-pushing era. 

Both pedals have distinctly different, vintage-inspired personalities but share the same forward-looking feature set. Their recreated amp circuits have all the controls you need to craft the perfect bass amp tone, while the BLEND knob adds clean signal to preserve clarity and low-end. Our proprietary Amp Out EQ filter ensures compatibility with any amp and cab, while the XLR-equipped DI output’s analogue cabinet simulator provides a huge and authentic tone direct to your mixing console. The BassRIG pedals are aimed at home, studio and stage players alike and the Super Vintage has already made an appearance at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show! 

Also, to celebrate the release of the BassRIG Super Vintage and BassRIG ’64 Black Panel, we are now offering our Cali76 Compact Bass compressor pedal in matching Super Vintage Blue and ’64 Black Panel finishes. 

Offering decades of realistic, vintage bass amp tone in a modern pedalboard-friendly format, the Origin Effects BassRIG Super Vintage and BassRIG ’64 Black Panel are available now from Origin Effects dealers worldwide. Find out more at