2022: What We’ve Been Listening To Whilst Making Pedals

As Origin has grown over the years, so has the variety of music being played in and around the office. Whether we’re designing, building, ordering parts or taking photographs, listening to music remains a key part of the pedal process here at Origin Effects.

In celebration of that fact, we asked those in the office which albums have kept them inspired throughout the year, be they new releases from 2022 or classics from years past.

Links to music can be found below.


John [Product Manager]

“I’ve been enjoying some new music and overplaying some older stuff”

Jacob [Digital Content Creator & Product Specialist]

“I’ve listened to more 2022 music than this, but my main rotation has been heavily influenced by the bands I’ve seen live this year. Honourable mention to Kim Gordon (and Camilla) who were fantastic live”

Fabs [Supply Chain Manager]


Matt [Hardware Engineer]

“I seem to have spent much of 2022 listening to records from 2021.”



Jordan [Production Specialist]

“This year has added lots of fun stuff to my music catalogue, be it Easy Life’s chill new album, Niko B’s great singles or my re-lit spark for Ska giants Bad Manners. It’s been a great year for music.”


Chris [Operations Manager]


Oli [Production Engineer]



Joe [Production Supervisor]

“My music taste has fit this year pretty perfectly – dreamy and fuzzy in equal measures.”



Alex [Artists Relations Manager]

“Sometime around 2018 I was backstage at a festival with Sergio Vega (Deftones/Quicksand). He told me I needed to check out a band he was friends with called Turnstile. We ventured over to the side stage and, like a dummy, I barely paid any attention to the set. I could tell they were talented, but I didn’t take the time to embrace how different they were. That was a huge mistake on my part. Now, I wish I would have assimilated sooner. ”

“This is the only new album I’ve listened to all the way through, multiple times, in 2022 (and it came out last week). Spilly Cave is like if Beck had a baby with Pinback and that baby grew up listening to Steve Lacy. I’m obsessed with the uniqueness he presents in his song writing and production style.”