Rex Brown – Pantera

Metal pioneers, Pantera, are back on the road with a new line-up. We caught up with bassist and Origin Effects artist, Rex Brown, to get the lowdown on his new touring rig.


Where did you start from, what’s your musical origin story?

“I was trained in Jazz from the ages of 11 to 18 by various musical geniuses in a lab-band context; many, many hours of practice, perfection, and sight reading. In fact, this is where I became really good friends with the late, great Vinnie Paul!”


What’s it like being back on the road with Pantera? 

“I haven’t radically changed much – a Spector or Gibson bass into an Ampeg. Bass technology has changed dramatically with all the new gadgets you can buy, but my approach has always been about the attack and the charge of these songs we wrote years ago.”


What’s next for Rex Brown? 

“You’re just gonna have to wait and see! You’ll be seeing this old mug in some new, exciting projects to come soon.”


How do Origin Effects and our products fit into your work?

“I’ve tried a bunch of pedals and combinations over the last few years, but, with these pieces of extraordinary circuitry, Origin Effects has given me more of the sound I had back in the days of Pantera lore. It’s a humongous sound that’s been extremely easy to work with.

“The BASSRIG Super Vintage is like having an old ‘71 SVT at the ready. Huge tones and vintage perfection in a pedal. The DCX Bass pedal is an overkill of robust sounds. I use this for parts that need a little more ‘oomph’. I’ve never used a stacked compressor quite like the Cali76. It gives me the tightness that this band needs and is incredibly versatile.”


What are your must-have pieces of musical gear?

“The BASSRIG Super Vintage plus the Cali76 Stacked Edition into my Noble DI…I’ve never been happier!”