Product Release: Cali76 FET Compressor & Bass Compressor

We are excited to announce the release of two new compressor pedals, the Cali76 FET Compressor and Cali76 Bass Compressor. They are the latest incarnation of our Cali76 compressor platform and will take the place of the Cali76 Compact Deluxe and Cali76 Compact Bass in our product range. These new offerings pack all the tone of their predecessors into a new, smaller enclosure with improved metering, a new power supply design and some extra tweaks under the hood.

We are proud of the reputation we’ve built up over the years, making studio-grade compressors to the highest possible standards. Inspired by the world-famous Urei 1176 studio compressor, our quest to build the best compressor pedal started back in 2012 with the now rare and collectible “large format” Cali76. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have regularly updated the design with extra features, compact enclosures and a bass-specific version.

Many of the new Cali76 FET Compressor and Bass Compressor’s features will be familiar to Origin fans. Versatile and musical compression, a full set of tweakable controls, ultra-low-noise circuitry and the Bass Compressor’s HPF knob, which does wonders for low-end clarity. We’ve retained the character and quality of previous Cali76 models but pushed things even further with a host of new features.

First up, the new compressors are housed in an even smaller, pedalboard-friendly enclosure. A 10-LED bar graph gives accurate gain reduction metering, while internally increased voltage guarantees massive headroom from a standard 9VDC power supply. Good news for home producers who want to use the Cali76 with line level signals. We have also made some subtle changes to the compressor’s sidechain, which results in a dynamic response much closer to those coveted “large format” pedals.

Built in the UK to our rigorously high standards, the Cali76 FET Compressor and Cali76 Bass Compressor represent another step forward for our flagship pedals. Now available from Origin Effects dealers worldwide or direct from Origin Effects. Find more information at