Review The RevivalTREM & MAGMA57

“What happens when Britain’s most intimidatingly high-class pedal maker branches out from compression and overdrive into vibrato and tremolo?”   Thank you to for their review of the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo & MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato & Drive. “2020 was the year that Origin decided to get a bit more ambitious. After nailing compression and…

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RevivalDRIVE Compact Wins Guitarist Magazine GEAR OF THE YEAR!

Thank you to Guitarist Magazine for awarding the RevivalDRIVE Compact a ‘GEAR OF THE YEAR’ award in the Effects Pedal Category. We are honoured to be featured in the January 2021 issue. Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact The original RevivalDRIVE Custom was an excellent, almost exhaustive evocation of vintage amp tones in a pedal. It was…

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RevivalTREM Wins PREMIER GUITAR – Gold Premier Gear Award!

“There may be more radical tremolos, but few achieve such musical seamlessness.” Some gear nerd debates get pretty pointless. Disputing the merits of different op-amps in two late-model RATs? Maybe that time would be better spent practicing. But tremolo circuits are another matter. The differences between bias, optical, and harmonic tremolo can be audible and…

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RevivalDRIVE Compact Impresses Sound On Sound Magazine

Sound On Sound Magazine review of the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact amp in a box effect pedal. Marshall Fender overdrive guitar tones

Sound On Sound Gives a Glowing Review of the RevivalDRIVE Compact Pedal We were delighted to read this fantastic review of our latest amp-in-a-box pedal, the RevivalDRIVE Compact, in November 2019’s issue of Sound On Sound, the world’s premiere music recording magazine. Editor In Chief, Paul White, summarises by saying that the pedal “is certainly…

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Guitarist Magazine’s Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM Review

Guitarist RevivalDRIVE review first page

The Most Flexible Analogue Drive Pedal Out There? There were big grins and wide smiles at Origin HQ at the start of July as we opened up issue 434 of Guitarist Magazine. The UK’s foremost guitar publication had released its RevivalDRIVE review and given it 9/10 along with its Guitarist Choice Award. In case you missed it,…

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The Guitar Magazine Gives The Cali76-CD Full Marks

The Guitar Magazine Gives The Cali76-CD Full Marks and Bass Review Cali 76 Pedal Urei 1176 compressor origin effects

Read this 10/10 Review of our Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor Pedal This summer we sent off a Cali76-CD, our flagship studio-style compressor pedal, to The Guitar Magazine to get reviewed. When the review was published in August’s issue we hurried down to our local newsagents to pick up a copy and flicked through to find the…

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Tone Report Review the Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor

Tone Report Weekly Magazine reviews the Origin Effects Cali76-CD Analogue Boutique Compressor Pedal October 2016

Tone Report Magazine Reviews the Cali76-CD Compressor Pedal Tone Report Weekly is a guitar magazine for guitar players obsessed with great tone. Every week TR release an online magazine packed with the latest gear, guitar lessons, and even DIY pedal build guides. Issue 154 included a review of our top-selling compressor pedal, the Cali76 Compact…

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Sound On Sound: SlideRIG Compact and Compact Deluxe Reviews

Sound on Sound magazine reviews Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact and Compact Deluxe 1176 style compressor pedals. Built in Britain boutique analogue guitar pedals

Sound On Sound Review the Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact compressor pedals Sound On Sound magazine has been at the forefront of the UK’s pro-audio scene since its inception in 1985 and has already provided us with a glowing review of the original Cali76 back in 2013. “It’s one of those rare pedals that just seems…

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