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Limited Edition Germanium Transistor Option

Strictly limited to 100 units, this very special version of the celebrated Cali76 compressor features the same Class-A germanium transistor output stage as the limited-edition Cali76 Germanium. But we’ve also added the sought-after parallel and boost functions from 2014’s limited run of Cali76-TX-P pedals to create what is probably the most powerful, most flexible and most desirable Cali76 yet!


Special Features

The Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost uses NOS germanium transistors, properly implemented in a fully balanced, Class-A configuration, to add the smooth blend of harmonics and gradual clipping so characteristic of the mid-1960s to the classic Cali76 blueprint.

The independently switchable wide-band boost, which offer up to 9dB of clean gain, also features a variable headroom control to set the desired degree of break-up in the output stage. Kick in the boost to push your amp over the edge, then dial in exactly the amount grit and colouration your require from the germanium circuitry!

On the compressor side, the dry level control lets you blend the dry signal back in with the compressed signal for the best of both worlds. You get all of the Cali76’s rich sustain and transparent compression while retaining all the detail and expression of your natural playing dynamics.

In The Studio

The Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost also offers a balanced, low-impedance output. Simply plug a TRS jack into the output and you can use this pedal to drive the input on your mixer, preamp, audio interface and other studio gear.

With it’s beautifully transparent, wide-open frequency response and fast response characteristics, the Cali76-G-P can be used on everything from vocals to acoustic guitars, piano and drums. The boost section’s headroom control ranges all the way from ultra-clean high headroom to saturated lo-fi grunge – from clear to warm, and from smooth to spiky, you can dial in exactly what you need, with tons of vintage character guaranteed!

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