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Limited Edition Germanium Transistor Option

Strictly limited to 100 units, the Cali76 Germanium adds an awesome new flavour to the Cali range. Combining the Cali76’s ultra-fast dynamics and transparent tone with a 1960s-style Class-A germanium transistor output stage, it perfectly captures the rich harmonics, smooth clipping and musical compression that defined the sound of the era.

Germanium circuitry – when properly designed and implemented – delivers a stunning blend of warmth and grit. Using the unique variable headroom control at the rear, you can dial in exactly the desired amount of break-up and colouration, taking you all the way from ultra-clean transparent compression to lo-fi grunge!


Special Features

The Cali76 Germanium offers some highly desirable tonal and connectivity options. The top-mounted controls are identical to the stock Cali76 and the compressor circuitry operates in the same way. But at the output, this limited-edition pedal features a fully balanced Class-A output stage, employing premium NOS germanium transistors, for extra grunt, harmonics and saturation, all completely controllable via the rear-mounted variable headroom knob.

The Cali76 Germanium is equally at home driving a guitar amp or the input of your DAW or console. The pedal automatically switches to a balanced output when you plug in a TRS jack, allowing it to interface happily with mixers, preamps and audio interfaces. Inserting an unbalanced guitar cable will configure the unit as a standard guitar pedal, with a conventional single-ended output.

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Weight1300 g
Dimensions161 × 205 × 71 mm


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