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The Story

Earlier this year we were asked by respected UK record producer, to build a custom version of the Cali76-TX. The unit would have the ability to perform “parallel compression”, a popular technique with veteran recording engineers. This approach yields “best-of-both-worlds” results! Fattened-tone, full dynamics, combined with great sustain.

By blending “dry” and “compressed” signals, in perfect phase alignment, it’s possible to benefit from the shimmering sustain and touch sensitivity that the Cali76 delivers, while also retaining natural pick attack and overall dynamic integrity.

“Parallel” & “Clean Boost”

The Cali76-TX-P has arrived and has already found a home in rigs of many pro-players and tone aficionados. To satisfy demand, we will be releasing a limited run of 160 custom Cali76-TX-P units with the aforementioned parallel function. To further spice things up, we’ve added a switch-able clean boost stage. This can be used as a traditional solo-booster, or else can be set up to coax some extra grit from the unit’s iron-core output transformer (Lundahl upgrade also available for absolute transparency).

User Guide

Parallel Compression: Adjust the “DRY” control against the “OUTPUT” control of the compressor. When setup correctly, digging into to notes will result in natural dynamics. Low-level notes should be boosted by the compressor. Overall tone will be thicker.

Switch-able Boost: Simply dial-in your require level of boost using the additional “BOOST” control (range: 2dB – 8dB). Now when you engage the “BOOST” switch you’re guitar level will soar majestically above the rest of the band!


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Weight1230 g
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