Readers’ Pedalboards #10 Downsize to Optimize

Boutique Essentials are Squeezed onto this Teeny Board

I spotted this board on Instagram and wanted to jump into the screen and play around with this bad boy! Man, is it clean, neat, and full of boutique gems!

WE had to contact the lucky guy who gets to lay this rig and know more about it. Here’s what Edward Long @edge_ward had to say:I had been running a larger board for a pretty good while but started getting bogged down with all of the programming I was doing, not to mention getting worn-out hauling the big-board around. I knew that I wanted to downsize, but I did not want to sacrifice quality in the process. Coming from a sound engineering background, I knew that I wanted a compressor that not only sounded fantastic but offered a generous amount of tweakability in an enclosure small enough to fit on the new board.

The Cali76 Compact Deluxe was an absolute no-brainer. From the tank-like build to the unmatched sound quality it is an absolute staple on my board. Whatever I want, it gives me…no questions asked, and the bi-color LED jewel meter is just the icing on the cake! Delicious studio-grade compression on your little board? Look no further!Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Goddess, Danny Hines Cabronita Telecaster
Cables: Runway Audio
Pedalboard: Temple Audio Duo 17

Signal Chain:

Hilton Pro Guitar Volume Pedal
Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe
Matthews Effects modded Nano POG
Jackson Audio Prism (Low-gain/Transparent)
Selah Effects Scarlett Love v3 (TS mode)
Bondi Effects Sick As Blackout
Source Audio Nemesis
Empress Reverb

Power: Voodoo Lab 4×4
Amp: Zinky Blue Velvet