Readers’ Pedalboards #14 An “Origin Journey”

Reader pedalboard Origin Effects Cali76 RevivalDRIVE overdrive solidgoldfx formula 76 fuzz keeley analogman klon trex replica 1

Featuring a Large Format Cali76 and a RevivalDRIVE, Daniel from Norway’s pedalboardboard is perfect for Jazz to Blues to Rock and beyond… Greetings from Tromsø, Norway! I’m a University student that play gigs in my free time, and I’m also playing in the local church. I mostly enjoy playing Blues/Jazz, but can’t help rocking out…

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RevivalDRIVE Pedals Spotted Out in the Wild

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE amp in a box pedal on John Hosker pedalboard

“Then the new residents moved in for real – welcome to the family” Danish guitarist, composer and producer, Soren Reiff has just installed the RevivalDRIVE on his megaboard – look out for the Cali76-CD at the back! Guitarist, Leonel Hernandez has just installed his RevivalDRIVE on this big board featuring pedals from Van Weeldon, Analog…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #13 Back In Black

This stylish board, featuring our Blackout Cali76-CD, matches its guitar companion Steven Tijerino dropped us an email with some photos of this stunning pedalboard as well as lots of juicy information about what is what, what plugs in where, and what it all sounds like…”Watsup! Born and raised in San Francisco. Gig around the Bay…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #12 “Big Bertha”

Allen Bays Pedalboard Origin Effects Cali76 Radial TX Eventide JHS Xotic TC Electronic Pedal Board Disaster Area Cali 76

Readers’ Pedalboards #12 “Big Bertha” Sometimes you see a pedalboard and just think “Where do you even begin to get your head around all of those buttons?!” This was the case with Allen Bays’ board which we spotted on Instagram. The bottom row of loopers and midi switchers had a story to tell so we contacted…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #11 Tweed Tone Tips

Edward Oleszko Pedalboard Origin Effects Cali76 Ibanez AD9 TS9 Joe Bonamassa Wah MXR Reverb Carl Martin Headroom Kingsley Page

These Stompboxes Have Been Carefully Considered to Work Best with Fender Tweed Amps Function band guitarist and tonehound, Ed Oleszko, recently contributed to a feature in The Guitar Magazine all about Fender Tweed amplifiers where he mentioned how great our Cali76-TX sounds with his Tweed combos. We got in touch with Ed to chat about amps…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #10 Downsize to Optimize

Edward Long Readers Pedalboard Origin Effects Cali76 Cali 76 Pedal Board Empress Reverb Scarlett Love

Boutique Essentials are Squeezed onto this Teeny Board I spotted this board on Instagram and wanted to jump into the screen and play around with this bad boy! Man, is it clean, neat, and full of boutique gems! WE had to contact the lucky guy who gets to lay this rig and know more about…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #9 Ready To Rock n Roll

Gert Mikkelsen Origin Effects Cali76 Vemuram Jan Ray Yankee PSU Hall and Collins Signature Echo Pedalboard for Hank Marvin Shadows Guitar

This Pedalboard is Built for Rock n Roll Pickin Carsten from our Danish dealer,, dropped us an email with some photos of this tidy little board they just built for a customer. Here’s what Carsten had to say: “Greetings from Denmark… just finished a new board with Cali76-CD. The board is for a musician (Gert Mikkelsen) in…

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Readers’ Pedalboards #8 Bass Board Built With Precision

Matt Littell pedalboard readers origin effects cali76 tx compressor pedal

This Player’s Board is the Perfect Match for his Vintage Precision Basses Recently, we saw posts on Facebook from one of our customers, Matt Littell, who describes himself as “a huge supporter and promoter of your amazing Cali76 compressor!”. We asked to feature his pedalboard in our Readers’ Pedalboards articles so he sent us a…

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