RevivalDRIVE Pedals Spotted Out in the Wild

“Then the new residents moved in for real – welcome to the family” Danish guitarist, composer and producer, Soren Reiff has just installed the RevivalDRIVE on his megaboard – look out for the Cali76-CD at the back!

Guitarist, Leonel Hernandez has just installed his RevivalDRIVE on this big board featuring pedals from Van Weeldon, Analog Man, Neo Instruments Ventilator, Shin-Ei, as well as our very own Cali76. “She is practically all done! In time for some recording. The new Revival Drive is a game changer!!”

Our Swedish Dealer, Malmö Musikaffär, are holding their RevivalDRIVE order aloft!

I’m liking this little board which belongs to Jeremy Knibbs:

Session pro, Matt Biffa, has received his RevivalDRIVE: “@origineffects it’s IMMENSE!! Currently I’ve settled on a tweedy type thing for the valve side and a Marshall type thing for silicon side. I was playing it through my Morgan AC20, which is bright, and the EQ1 and EQ2 switches are very useful in that respect…. tomorrow I will add my Magnatone Twilighter and see how that works in conjunction with the pedal and the Morgan…. still have a lot more playing to do, but you have NAILED IT!! Thank you so much xx”

It’s great to see some #RevivalDRIVE’s landing on player’s boards ? This board from John Hosker looks ready to rock and roll!

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“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the delivery of my Revival Drive yesterday. Too late to test last night, but this morning…wonderful tones; especially from the blend control at about 60%.” We’re building these at a good pace now with orders shipping every day. Please be aware that we are shipping on a first-come-first-serve basis which includes dealer orders, so please check in with your dealer if you have placed a preorder with them.