RevivalDRIVE to the Rescue – Joey Landreth in Concert

Our new overdrive was the solution to Joey’s headroom hang-up

If you’re into honest, soulful, lyrical, and expressive guitar playing and you haven’t heard of Joey Landreth then you need to jump on YouTube immediately and be prepared for your jaw to drop. Harkening from Winnipeg, Canada, Joey has the whole package; technical as well as fiery chops, tone for days, tear-jerking vocal chords, and genuine charisma.

We were lucky enough to catch Joey with his band “The Bros. Landreth” a few years ago in Oxfordshire so when Joey flew into Britain to begin his Trio’s UK tour we gave Joey a call to see if there were any spaces left at one of his shows. Joey welcomed us down to the Bristol date and allowed us to get there early to film an interview and bring along a RevivalDRIVE to try – he was having issues with getting enough drive from his hired backline amp – the Two Rock sounded superb when cranked, but most of the venues on the tour wanted the stage volume quieter than the amp’s headroom allowed. This predicament required Joey to get his overdrive from pedals – and the drives on his board weren’t providing that genuine amp tone he needed.

After a quick pot of tea and a chat, we headed to the venue whereupon Joey eagerly set down the pedal next to his impressive pedalboard (already endowed with a SlideRIG-CD), wired it up, and kicked into the band’s soundcheck. Big smiles on faces. As soon as the last chord died away, Joey went about removing his existing overdrive pedal from his board to be replaced by the RevivalDRIVE. After a bit more tweaking – setting the Silicon Channel to an edge-of-breakup rhythm tone and the Valve Channel to a Brownface-esq cranked lead tone – Joey was set and kept our overdrive on the whole time.

You can check out a clip from Joey’s soundcheck below:

Needless to say, the gig was fantastic, flawless, far-out, and Joey’s tone was beyond compare. Catching up after the set, Joey said he HAD to keep hold of the RevivalDRIVE for the rest of the tour as it was giving him the tube-amp tone that he absolutely needed!

Below you can watch some of the interviews we made with Joey before the gig:

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