Farewell To Our 3-Knob Compressor: The Cali76 Compact

We’re Discontinuing Our Cali76 Compact Compressor Pedal

Production of our new compressor pedals is in full swing as the first round of PCBs is being populated with our carefully selected components. The Cali76 Stacked Edition and SlideRIG MK2 gathered a wealth of positive attention at 2019’s NAMM Show so we’re very excited to release them into the world in April.Our dedication to producing quality, handbuilt effects pedals means that we need to concentrate on a small product range and so we have taken the decision to discontinue the Cali76 Compact. Our final units are being boxed today and we expect our dealers to receive their last orders of our 3-knob compressor shortly.

As we have seen in the past, our discontinued pedals get snapped up fast so inquire with your local dealer to secure one of our last ever Cali76-C pedals.The Cali76 Compact is all you need to experience organic, shimmering compressed tone. If you’d rather concentrate on playing instead of tweaking, this is the pedal for you!

The Cali76-C provides direct access to your favourite vintage compression settings from the original Cali76 in a compact, easy-to-use package.

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