NAMM 2020 Round Up: RevivalTREM and Hot Rod Pedals Go Down a Storm

Our Brand New Pedals Rocked The 2020 Winter NAMM Show

We’ve just returned to a rather chilly Origin Effects headquarters from the 2020 NAMM Show which took over sunny Anaheim. A week of late nights, early mornings, worn eardrums, and sore throats was more than worth it for the opportunity to meet so many lovely customers, like-minded builders, and world-class artists. This was also the first time that we would show the world our new pedals – the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo and the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition. Oh, did I mention that our booth structure went missing…?Following on from the success of NAMM 2o19, we once again paired up with our friends at Victory Amplification to share a booth. This year we went big, more than doubling our combined booth space and adding a large meeting room and stage. This was going to look fantastic…


When we arrived at our lock-up in LA we discovered that our meeting room structure had not arrived. Disaster.

Thinking on our feet we dug out last year’s meeting room and wall which we duly put in place on our booth. We had lost a lot of our branding but at least we had four walls and a backdrop for our stage. We got to work setting up our four demo stations then it was showtime.Day 1 kicked off with a flood of guitarists on our booth who had come to try our new pedals – and our Flying V which caught the eye of a lot of folks. I mean, you doesn’t love a V?

As well as the hundreds of guitarists and bassists we had a violin player turn up to try out our RevivalDRIVE range. Little did we know, this guy could shred! Combining a Cali76 with our new RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod produced a roaring JCM800 tone and the rocking fiddle drew a big crowd!

We were blessed to finally meet a number of our artists in person. Top producer and songwriter John Shanks of Bon Jovi and Richard Fortus of Guns n Roses have been Origin Efefcts artists for years so it was great to chat to them and have them try the new pedals.Day 2 was another busy day with a lot of media videos from the likes of Premier Guitar and Andertons plus even more artists coming over to try the Tremolo and Hot Rod.

All at once we had Josh Smith, Ariel Posen, Rabea, AndyDemos, Graham Coxon, Joey Landreth and David Grissom on the booth. At one point David Grissom was demonstrating the RevivalTREM Graham Coxon!

At this point we’ve got to say a huge thank you to our ‘hired gun’ Greg Marra who performed, demonstrated, and was an all-round cool guy on our booth. Check him out in the Premier Guitar video.

Day 3 and 4 brought more great players to the booth including some up-and-coming new guitarists such as Taz and Asher Belsky. Saturday was also our good friend Johnny Hiland’s birthday – he came to the booth to play through the new pedals and we went for a BBQ to celebrate in the evening.Lastly, a real highlight of the show involved two old friends jamming together for the first time since they were kids. This was real magic on our booth.

Origin Effects artist and bassist for legends such as Dr John and Paul Gilbert, Roland Guerin, brought his old buddy, Pocket, to the booth to show him our compressor pedals. We hooked Pocket up with a Cali76 Stacked Edition and left him to get funky. Before we knew it, Roland was plugging his 6 string bass into a RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod and began jamming along. 10 minutes later they finished to a round of applause and an explanation from the friends that they hadn’t played together since they were kids! Only at NAMM!