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Analogue Amp Recreations – Why We Do What We Do

By Jacob Holdsworth | Jan 14, 2022

The more eagle-eyed readers out there may have noticed us use the term “Analogue Amp Recreations” when referring to some of our pedals, such as the RevivalDRIVE, DELUXE61 and MAGMA57. In the vast ocean of drives, distortions, preamps, “amp in a box” pedals and Jimi knows what else, it can be hard to tell where…

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TECH TIPS: Hot Rods – The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Tradition

By Jacob Holdsworth | Dec 17, 2021

If you follow what we do at Origin Effects, you’ll have seen us release a couple of pedals that had “Hot Rod” written in big letters on the front. But what does it mean? Is it just a cool name, or a marketing buzzword? Or is it something bigger than that? Obviously it’s the latter.…

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Guitar World – RD Compact Hot Rod REVIEW

By Jacob Holdsworth | Dec 3, 2021

View the article here: Guitar World – RD Compact Hot Rod Revival of the Fittest By Paul Riario THE UNSHAKABLE FEALTY many a guitarist has for their favorite dirt device is a hard thing to shatter. No doubt, when a new type of gain pedal emerges, it’s an uphill battle to persuade these stompbox stalwarts…

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TECH TIPS: More Compression Equals Better?

By Jacob Holdsworth | Nov 17, 2021

You may have noticed that we’re making a big deal of our new Cali76 Stacked Edition Inverted Black compressor. It may only be a fancy new finish for an already popular pedal, but it seems like a good excuse to tell you why we think it’s awesome, and why more is more when it comes…

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TECH TIPS: Cali76 Compact Bass HPF Control – Why It Works

By Jacob Holdsworth | Oct 15, 2021

If Origin Effects is anything approaching a household name among the guitar community, it’s because of compression. We like to think we know a fair bit about it and our Cali76 compressor pedals are popular enough to suggest that we do. But let’s not overlook one crucial element to that popularity: bass players!  Yep, bass…

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By Jacob Holdsworth | Oct 5, 2021

As of the 6th October 2021, our RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo pedal will be called the DELUXE61 Amp Tremolo & Drive. This is to reflect the fact that it is more than just a Tremolo pedal – it’s an entire amp circuit recreated in miniature, faithfully emulating the overdrive and tremolo sounds of a vintage 1961…

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TECH TIPS: Compressors, Always First in the Chain?

By Jacob Holdsworth | Sep 17, 2021

Compressors, Always First in the Chain? By John Dines – OE Product Manager   Pedalboard signal chain order. That old chestnut. If you’ve spent any time reading and worrying about what order to place your pedals in, you’ll know that there is a certain amount of “accepted” wisdom on the subject. There is very much…

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TECH TIPS: Understanding Compressors

By origineffects | Aug 13, 2021

Understanding Compressors By John Dines – OE Product Manager   As you’re reading this article, you’ll hopefully already know a little bit about the company. Specifically how we started out in 2012 with the Cali76 compressor pedal – a guitarist-friendly unit that emulated all that’s great about the UREI 1176 studio compressor, in a larger-than-average…

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TECH TIPS: The MORE PRES Control – What Is Negative Feedback & Why Should I Care?

By origineffects | Jun 4, 2021

What Is Negative Feedback & Why Should I Care? By John Dines –  OE Product Manager   So, what is negative feedback – other than what I receive on school reports, first dates and job interviews? By clicking the link to read this article you have admitted that, to some extent, you are a guitar…

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