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TECH TIPS: Compressors, Always First in the Chain?

By Jacob Holdsworth | Sep 17, 2021

Compressors, Always First in the Chain? By John Dines – OE Product Manager   Pedalboard signal chain order. That old chestnut. If you’ve spent any time reading and worrying about what order to place your pedals in, you’ll know that there is a certain amount of “accepted” wisdom on the subject. There is very much…

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TECH TIPS: Understanding Compressors

By origineffects | Aug 13, 2021

Understanding Compressors By John Dines – OE Product Manager   As you’re reading this article, you’ll hopefully already know a little bit about the company. Specifically how we started out in 2012 with the Cali76 compressor pedal – a guitarist-friendly unit that emulated all that’s great about the UREI 1176 studio compressor, in a larger-than-average…

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TECH TIPS: The MORE PRES Control – What Is Negative Feedback & Why Should I Care?

By origineffects | Jun 4, 2021

What Is Negative Feedback & Why Should I Care? By John Dines –  OE Product Manager   So, what is negative feedback – other than what I receive on school reports, first dates and job interviews? By clicking the link to read this article you have admitted that, to some extent, you are a guitar…

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Guitarist Magazine – RD Compact Hot Rod Review

By origineffects | Jun 3, 2021

A massive thank you to Guitarist Magazine for their review of the RD Compact Hot Rod in their July 2021 issue. Receiving a Guitarist Choice award and a 9/10 rating, we’re thrilled to be featured in this latest issue! “The existing RevivalDRIVE’s are great pedals, but if you yearn for something a little hotter, this…

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OE Artist: Emily Wolfe

By origineffects | May 28, 2021

Emily Wolfe is an American rock and roll musician based out of Austin, TX. Channeling a complexity of feeling and obliterating the boundaries between rock-and-roll and modern pop, Wolfe has been acclaimed by NPR, MTV, and The Wall Street Journal as a rising star. We caught up with Emily to talk about how she’s been…

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OE Artist: Nick Johnston plays the RD Compact Hot Rod!

By origineffects | May 15, 2021

Legendary guitarist Nick Johnston checks out the RD Compact Hot Rod in the studio, finding new tones for a new record. It’s great to welcome Nick to the OE Artist roster! Check out the video here:   Follow Nick Johnston on social media: https://www.instagram.com/nickjohnstonmusic

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OE Artist: Johnny Hiland checks out the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo!

By origineffects | May 1, 2021

Thank you to Origin Effects artist and long-time Cali76 fan, Johnny Hiland, for this demonstration of the RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo! “The Origin Effects RevivalTREM is an amazing throwback in killer brown Fender Deluxe tube breakup overdriven tone with that delicious biased tremolo added as well. This pedal is like a main course meal with flavours that…

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Origin Effects Artist: Adam Prendergast

By origineffects | Apr 26, 2021

It’s a pleasure to welcome bass player Adam Prendergast on board as an Origin Effects artist! We caught up with Adam who’s currently playing bass for Harry Styles’ band. Which Origin Effects pedals do you have? I have both the Cali76 Compact Bass & Cali76 TX-L. Tell us about your experience using these pedals?  I…

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Origin Effects Artist: Pete Honoré

By origineffects | Apr 13, 2021

We recently caught up with the one and only Pete Honoré to talk about his OE pedals! When he’s not busy demoing gear at Anderton’s , Pete’s otherwise occupied playing with some of the biggest pop artists on the planet such as: Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, Joss Stone, Il Divo, Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith and…

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