The Guardian Picture Essay:

Gilmour Returns to Pompeii for a Concert Using the Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Compressor Pedal

British newspaper, The Guardian, have published this exclusive look at David Gilmour’s recent return to Pompeii, 45 years since Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii was recorded.

Photographer, Sarah Lee, was given exclusive access to photograph the event which comprised of two concerts. Sarah documented David’s latest touring rig which features an Origin Effects Cali76 Compact compressor pedal – the first time we’ve seen Mr Gilmour using this incarnation or our 1176-style compressors; he has previously used a Cali76-TX-P and a SlideRIG-CD both on tour and in the studio.

We’ve reposted what might be of most interest to guitar nerds, but be sure to check out the full photo essay for some great photographs and more details about the Pompeii Concerts!Gilmour works through his guitar set-up during the afternoon with guitar technician Phil Taylor. With a mixture of modern digital boxes and vintage pedals from the 60s, 70s and 80s his uniquely authentic live sound is crafted in incredible detail.The crucially important volume control pedal, which is integral to Gilmour’s sound, and whammy pitch shifting pedal in red. The small mirror allows Gilmour to see the visual cues in the signature round screen.A vintage Electric Mistress flanger pedal, BK Butler handmade Tube driver pedals, the Cali-76 Compact studio compressor, a vintage Big Muff fuzz box, and Boss graphic equaliser pedal.A pair of programmable MIDI EQ pedals, Vitalizer digital delay pedal, Free The Tone digital delay, picks, and all-important cup of tea.The complicated permutations of effects are run through a SKRYDSTRUP Midi foot controller, allowing Gilmour to switch different sounds easily from one place.Gilmour stood here with wife Polly Samson and his ’55 Fender Esquire – nicknamed The Workmate – one of the best-loved and most prized guitars in his collection. It is the first time since the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79 that there has been an event with an audience in the venue.

Thanks and credits to Sarah Lee for publishing these insightful photos! Let us know your thoughts below.