Hello, Origin fans! Like the proud parents we are, we’re going to show you more baby photos of our new BASSRIG pedals. Hopefully you’ve all seen these new releases by now, and maybe even bought one (or both)!  But, for those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, we have just launched…

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Analogue Amp Recreations – Why We Do What We Do

The more eagle-eyed readers out there may have noticed us use the term “Analogue Amp Recreations” when referring to some of our pedals, such as the RevivalDRIVE, DELUXE61 and MAGMA57. In the vast ocean of drives, distortions, preamps, “amp in a box” pedals and Jimi knows what else, it can be hard to tell where…

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Switcher Interface for RevivalDRIVE

Origin Effects Switcher Interface

Now Taking Orders! After receiving feedback from RevivalDRIVE users, we have had many requests to make the RevivalDRIVE compatible with switching systems like the GigRig G2 and Boss ES-8.We are happy to announce that we have built up the first batch of RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interfaces and are now taking orders. The switcher interface allows the…

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Controlling the RevivalDRIVE with a Remote Switching System

Connections - RevivalDRIVE, switcher interface, and remote switcher 80dpi

If the slick pedalboards of Instagram are anything to go by, loop switching systems such as the game-changing “GigRig G2”, and highly programmable “Boss ES-8”, seem to be rapidly growing in popularity. Whether the goal is to keep cable runs to a minimum or to recall preset combinations of rack-mounted effects, these controllers are now…

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The Smart Way To Attach Origin Effects Pedals To Your Board

dual lock velcro tip pedalboard from Origin Effects

A clever trick to keep your pedals secured to your board If you own one of our Compact Series compressors then you may have noticed that their bases are fitted to the rest of the case with four stainless steel dome head screws. Whilst these look elegant and protect the steel base from getting scratched…

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